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Lesson aims
GCSE Product Design Textiles
To write a justified design specification for a specific product
By the end of the lesson you
Must: Write a specification which includes the main details from
the design brief
Should: Write a specification which takes into account the
research findings
Could: Write a specification which takes into account the
research findings and can justify each point
W.I.L.F. – What I am Looking For
Specification: an outline that details all the requirements of a product
– usually written as a list
Justify: give a reason or explain why it is necessary
Examiner’s tips
The specification is a document or list that expands upon the brief
It is used to guide design ideas and to help when evaluating to ensure that the
end product meets the original identified need
Task 1,
Look at the images below. In pairs try and write a list of
possible criteria that the designer may have used when
designing one of these items.
Task 2 – Writing your own specification
Look at the design brief it will tell you the Cost
first 3/4 points to include in your
specification. Write these down.
(5 mins)
Task 3
Now write a further 5-8 specification
points for your project using your
research and add them to the list.
10 (mins)
Remember ACCESSFM it might help you!!
Materials and
A Aesthetics: What does the product look like?
C Cost: How much does the product cost to buy and make?
C Customer: Who would buy or use the product?
E Environment: Where would the product be used or stored?
S Size: How big or small is the product?
S Safety: How safe is it during normal use?
F Function: How does the product work?
M Material: What is the product made from?
Plenary : Literacy
‘Spruce up my spec’
Swap specifications with your partner.
(1 Minute) Check the specification for spelling mistakes.
(1 Minute) Check the specification for punctuation

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