Rodriguez & D`Souza group discussions + HW Slide

AP English Language
and Composition
Wednesday, November 5th, 2014
• Carnegie OR Hardin précis (3 parts)
• Read & annot. Rodriguez “Disunited We
Stand” (CA) + D’Souza “In Praise of Empire”
• Partner-score & record on text AND rubric
Small Group Discussions
• Have a conversation with the people around you 
• Talking points:
• Which essay did you like better? Why?
• Discuss the subject of both essays, and then discuss the
different thesis statement made by each author.
• How do the authors construct their arguments? What did you
find effective, and what do you not understand?
• What is the relationship of the individual to the community?
• Collaboratively – make a bullet-point précis pre-write for
BOTH essays. Discuss your ideas as you work!
• Due Thursday:
• Rodriguez OR D’Souza précis (3 parts)
• Hardin or Carnegie précis?!
• Due Friday:
• Read & annot. Standing Bear “What the Indian Means to
America” (CA) + Alvord “Walking the Path between Worlds”
• Type & submit final Rhetorical Analysis essay (original TW
with self-score & explanation; typed final essay)
• Due Monday:
• Standing Bear OR Alvord précis
• Read & annot. King, Jr. “Letter from Birmingham Jail” (LC)
• Optional: Education Essay re-writes due!

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