Functional Dependency Grammars

Functional Dependency
Andreea Gagea (cas. Macovei)
Faculty of Computer Science Iasi
Dependency Grammar
- dependency between grammatical units;
- Lucien Tesnière -1959;
- the main aim: to parse natural language and
generate tree banks;
- dependency versus constituency;
Dependency Grammar Formalisms:
Theoretical Frameworks and
- Algebraic Syntax
- Operator Grammar
- Lexicase Dependency Grammar
- Functional Generative Description (FGD)
- Meaning-Text Theory (MTT)
- Word Grammar (WG)
- Topological/Extensible Dependency Grammar (XDG)
- Constraint Dependency Grammar ([W]CDG)
- Functional Dependency Grammar (FDG)
Functional Dependency Grammar (FDG)
1. Definition
- introduced by Tapanainen and Järvinen (1997);
- with two conceptually different components:
regular language based analysis and structural
dependency graphs;
- the first computer implementation of Tesnière’s
Dependency Theory.
2. Structure
- Nucleus
- Connexions
- Syntactic head
3. Examples
a) What would you like me to do?
- structural dependency graph
- the directed relations between the nuclei of the sentence
b) Did the dog run in the house?
- five nuclei in the sentence
4. Applications for FDG
a) Connexor
- a language technology provider ;
- supports ten European languages (English, French,
Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish,
Norwegian and Finnish);
b) Link Grammar
- a syntactic parser of English and other languages;
- with a dictionary of about 60000 word forms.
Sentence: John has two apples.
Components :
Link Grammar:
Sentence: John has two apples.
5. Problematical Aspects
- Ambiguous sentences;
- Only a few studies concerning Romanian language
- Costs;
6. Bibliography
- Pasi Tapanainen (1999), Parsing in two frameworks: finitestate and functional dependency grammar, Chapter 3,
University of Helsinki, Finland
- T. Järvinen P. Tapanainen (1997), A dependency parser for
English, Technical Report no. TR-1, Department of General
Linguistics, University of Helsinki, Finland
- Connexor:
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- Gramatici de dependenta:
- Dependency Grammars :
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