Safe Schools Coalition

Safe Schools Coalition
The Safe Schools Coalition
is a public-private
partnership in support of
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and
Transgender youth.
Its mission: “to help schools at home and all over the world
- become safe places where
every family can belong,
where every educator can
teach, and where every child
can learn, regardless of
gender identity or sexual
SSC Philosophies
• Every student deserves to
be safe and to feel
recognized at school,
including GLBTQ youth and
children with GLBT
SSC Philosophies
• Every student deserves …
• We are partners, not
adversaries, of schools …
and we understand that
educators have a really full
plate and huge
SSC Philosophies
• Every student deserves …
• We are partners ...
• It is wrong -- and also
counterproductive -- to
compare oppressions
… and just because our
focus is anti-gay violence
doesn’t mean we can afford
to ignore racism,
xenophobia, etc.
SSC addresses the
of gay, lesbian, bi, trans,
queer and questioning
children and teens
of students with GLBT
parents, guardians, and
other family members
of GLBT parents/
guardians and educators
of kids who get harassed
because somebody thinks
they’re gay.
What’s that look like?
• Intervention Services
[email protected]
• Technical Assistance &
Policy Advocacy
• Resources
email list serve
television PSAs
web site
• Training & Education
• Research
SSC Structure
truly a coalition -- no paid
no 501(c)3 status -- fiscal
agent is Lifelong AIDS
3 co-chairs
3 co-secretaries
contracted webspinner
speakers’ bureau manager
has been an Americorps
volunteer … and we have
an urgent need for $$ to
replace her
SSC Structure,
continued ...
• volunteers & agencies
membership co-chairs
intervention chair &
speakers bureau manager
warehousing & distribution
list serve management
financial oversight
some costs of printing,
mailing, training

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