Fos/Force - Greek Workshop 4-6 Υears

4-6 Υears of Age
Light Phenomena (Rainbow)
Expected Outcomes
 The children will have a basic understanding of
Basic Outcomes: Objectives
The child will be enabled to:
- Explain at a basic level how a rainbow is created
- Recall the name of the seven colours of the rainbow,
in the correct order.
- Recall one folklore story about rainbows
Basic Topics: Methodologies
 Direct teaching with whole class
 Small groups
 Paired work
 Introduction: Working with Bubbles. In small
groups, the children will blow bubbles and observe
the colours of the rainbow. (DL)
 Mirror Activity: In pairs, the children will find the
colours of the rainbow simply using a mirror. (DL)
 Learning of the Rainbow Rhyme: Richard Of
York Gave Battle In Vane (DT)
Activities cont.
 Watch a video to explain how the rainbow is
created. Prepared questions will be asked to enable a
discussion in the WC setting.
 Role Play, in small groups, to assess the children’s
understanding of the concept.
 Closure. Short storytelling of folklore tale about
rainbows. Prepared questions to assess
comprehension of the story.
 Extended activity: Visual Arts. Create a rainbow.
Teaching Materials
-Rhyme: Richard Of York Gave Battle in Vane
-Youtube video:
-Folklore story:
-Art Materials
Teacher Competencies
 Organization skills
 Ensure that the children are actively listening
 Ensure that the materials are prepared before the
activities and that they are appropriate for the age

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