Ideas for Week of the Young Child

Ideas for
Week of the Young Child,
Cindy Christ
Susan Feldt
January 29, 2011
RBAEYC Coffee Talk
Working families need child care and
supportive employer policies to be able to
meet the needs of their young children
throughout the day.
Children, especially those from lowincome families, need better access
to high-quality early childhood
Too many children in the United States live
in poverty, without good nutrition and
health care.
What can be
The Week of the Young Child is an opportunity for
programs, NAEYC Affiliates, related organizations,
communities, and states to focus on the needs of young
children and their families. There are countless ways to
celebrate the week, which is first and foremost a
grassroots effort. Use the online Event Planning
Handbook to WOYC Celebrations for suggested
strategies for involving community partners, activity
ideas, resources, and groups to contact.
The theme for WOYC 2011 is:
Early Years Are Learning Years®
Begin EARLY!
My story…
Put it on your calendar
Order brochures and other items
Plan activities for the entire month
Talk to community partners
Talk to local government officials
Create a press release
Create Opportunities for
Involve your staff/administration
Involve the children
Involve families
Involve community
Put up signs
Plan a big event
Plan an outdoor event
Press release
Photograph- (releases)
A word about photographs:
Protect your clients confidentiality
Have photo permission releases
Take photos that protect identities
Photo children in silhouette…
Photograph from the back…
Photograph hands…
Ideas for activities or events
Play, where learning begins…
Displays of children playing
Display of homemade games
Fun fair w/explanations
Curriculum Night
Embracing diversity…
Invite families to share their culture
Do cooperative activities (i.e. art)
Email pen pals
Have a multi-culture fair
Encouraging health and fitness…
Have a health and safety fair
Host an mini-Olympic day
Schedule guest speakers
Sponsor a trike-a-thon
Teaching and teachers count…
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day
Teacher gift bags (from community partners)
Spotlight a staff member weekly
Appreciation board
Investing in young children benefits all…
Join a chamber of commerce
Partner with neighboring
Contact local/regional
Sponsor community awareness of child abuse
Distribute information on child abuse
Wear a blue ribbon
Attend Child Advocacy Day
Missouri Child Advocacy Day
March 31, 2011
Jefferson City, MO
Prevent the achievement gap:
we know how…
Use Missouri Early Childhood standards in
your program
Contact your local school district
for developmental screenings
Familiarize yourself with local public
and private Kindergartens
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