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Sequence of the Picture-Word Inductive Model
1. Select a picture.
2. Have students identify what they see in the
3. Label the picture parts identified. (The teacher
draws a line from the pic- ture to the word,
says the word, spells the word and points to
each letter with her or his finger or the marker,
says the word again, and students spell the word
with the teacher.)
4. Read/review the picture-word chart.
5. Have students classify the words into a variety
of groups. Identify common concepts in the words
to emphasize with the class as a whole. The
students “read” the words by referring to the
chart if the
word is not
in their sight
6. Read/review the picture-word chart (say,
spell, and say).
7. Add words, if desired, to the pictureword chart and to the word banks.
8. Have students think of a title for their
picture-word chart. (The teacher leads
students to think about the “evidence”
and information in their chart and about
what they
want to say about this
9. Have students generate a sentence,
sentences, or a paragraph directly related to
their picture-word chart.
Students may classify group-generated
sets of sentences. The teacher models
putting the sentences together into a good
10. Read/review the sentences or
Link students’ natural listening-speaking
language directly to print.
• Students inquire from the beginning –
starting with studying a picture and
identifying objects and actions in it. The
words they “shake out” of the picture
become the content of instruction.

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