opwdd - New York State APSE

Employment & Meaningful Community
Community Service Initiative Presentation
APSE Conference 2013
April 28th-30th
Presented By: Wendy Colonno, Joanie Parker & Jeanette Stanton
Overview of Presentation
 Overview of OPWDD and Employment & Meaningful Community Activities
 Background on Community Service Initiative
 Partnership with NYS Office of National and Community Service
 Connection to OPWDD’s employment goals
 AmeriCorps
 What's been happening since we started
 What’s next?
Office for People with Developmental
Disabilities (OPWDD)
• Mission: We help people with Developmental
Disabilities live richer lives
• Vision: People with Developmental Disabilities
enjoy meaningful relationships with friends,
families and others in their lives, experience
personal health and growth and live in the
home of their choice and fully participate in
their communities.
OPWDD’s Employment &
Meaningful Community Activities
Provide information about Community Service/Civic
Share options for new individuals
Start individuals on their path to employment
• Employment Goals:
 Increase employment to meet CMS goals
 Move students into competitive employment after
Community Service as a
Path to Employment
What is happening across the state?
What have we learned?
What do we need to build into this model for
Background on Community Service
Community Service Specialist
Goal: increase volunteer/community service
Where we are right now
Partnership with Office of National
and Community Service (ONCS)
Community Inclusion Initiative
Fits in with employment and meaningful
community activities
Connection to OPWDD
employment Goals
Goal: double employment
Target audiences
Potential outcomes
What Is AmeriCorps?
Focus areas
Facts and data
Volunteer Centers & ADA Grant Funding
More on AmeriCorps
38 Programs
7 Statewide Programs
Benefits & requirements of serving with
How does it effect SSA?
What Is Coming Up?
I Love My Park Day
May 4th 2013
Over 70 state and local parks participating
Interested in AmeriCorps?
Please Contact:
Jeanette Stanton
Community Service Specialist
Employment & Meaningful Activities
Division of Person-Centered Supports
[email protected]
Please Contact
• Wendy Colonno
Employment and Community Service Coordinator
Employment & Meaningful Activities
Division of Person-Centered Supports
(518) 408-2464
[email protected]
Please Contact
Joanie Parker
Director of Day and Vocational Initiatives
Heritage Christian Services
[email protected]

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