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Personal Selling and
Sales Management
Global Perspective
International Assignments are Glamorous, Right?
Job security
Readjustment upon return to U.S.
Adjustment to other cultures
Will an international assignment really help your career?
Relationship marketing and customer relationship management
17 - 3
Designing the Sales Force
• Decisions must be made regarding the numbers, characteristics,
and assignments of sales personnel
• Different market requirements regarding direct sales and customer
• Territory allocation
• Customer call plans
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Recruiting Marketing and Sales Personnel
• The largest personnel requirement abroad for most companies is
the sales force
• Expatriates
Numbers are declining
Important for highly technical or involved products
High cost
Cultural and legal barriers
Limited number of high-caliber personnel willing to live abroad
• Virtual expatriates
- Manage operations in other countries but don’t live there
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Recruiting Marketing and Sales Personnel
International Travel – A Lot of Work
17 - 6
Recruiting Marketing and Sales Personnel
Death by
The Economic
Intelligence Unit,
2005 (WHO Data)
17 - 7
Recruiting Marketing and Sales Personnel
Leaves Singapore with the Flu
Arrives Home in Toronto to Broken Pipes
International Selling is Hard Work
17 - 8
Recruiting Marketing and Sales Personnel
In order of expensive
The Economic Intelligence Unit, 2005
Most Expensive Cities in Which to Live
17 - 10
Recruiting Marketing and Sales Personnel
Capsule Hotel in Osaka
Avon Rep in Rural Brazil
International Travel – A Lot of Work
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Selecting Sales and Marketing Personnel
• Management must define precisely what is expected of people.
• Prime requisites:
Emotional stability
Breadth of knowledge
Positive outlook
Cultural empathy
Energetic and enjoy travel
• Mistakes can be costly
• A manager’s culture affects personnel decisions
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Training for International Marketing
Personal Selling Tips – Brussels to Bangkok
17 - 13
Salespeople’s Distribution of 100 Points among
Rewards in Terms of Their Importance
• Insert Exhibit 17.4
17 - 16
Global Compensation Systems –
Compared to US Plans
Clients –
Hi Tech
17 - 18
A Compensation Blueprint: How IBM Pays
140,000 Sales Executives Worldwide
• Insert Exhibit 17.6
17 - 19
Designing Compensation Systems for a Global
Sales Force – The Do’s
• Do involve representatives from key countries.
• Do allow local managers to decide the mix between base and
incentive pay.
• Do use consistent performance measures (results paid for) and
emphasis on each measure.
• Do allow local countries flexibility in implementations.
• Do use consistent communication and training themes worldwide.
17 - 20
Designing Compensation Systems for a Global
Sales Force – The Don’ts
• Don’t design the plan centrally and dictate to local offices.
• Don’t create a similar framework for jobs with different
• Don’t require consistency on every performance measure within
the incentive plan.
• Don’t assume cultural differences can be managed through the
incentive plan.
• Don’t proceed without the support of senior sales executives
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Evaluating and Controlling Sales
• In the U.S., emphasis is placed on individual performance, which
can easily be measured by sales revenues generated
• In many countries evaluation is more complex where teamwork is
favored over individual effort
• The primary control tool used by American sales managers is the
incentive system
• In other countries, corporate control and frequent interactions with
peers and supervisors are the means of motivation and control
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Preparing U.S. Personnel for Foreign
American Book Center in Amsterdam – an Oasis
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