Craters and their formation—An Inquiry based project

Craters and their
formation—An Inquiry
based project
Bill Lammela
What do you know about the
What do you see?
Are all craters the same?
What is different? Why?
What might cause differences
between the craters on the moon?
Let’s try it!
Fill pan 2-3 cm with play
Sprinkle with paprika
Drop an object from
directly above and a
distance of 10 cm.
Observe and measure
as you can
How can we study one “variable”
involved in crater formation?
Develop an hypothesis
Plan Experiment
Plan how to record and organize data
Go do it!
How to organize data?
How to visualize data?
Conclusions and Reflections
What did the data tell you?
What questions still remain?
How to incorporate into your classes?
s.pdf (A great resource with pictures of craters, a
modified version of this activity, list of pertinent
videos and resources).
• (A similar activity to
this one with household materials. Some student
questions with teacher’s answers included).
(Another NASA site with a variety of activities related
to craters and meteors).

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