Immigration and Visa Advice

Sue Castle-Miller and Jo Aldhouse
Visa and Immigration Advisers
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September/October 2010
Immigration and Visa Advice
Visit our website
Email us with your visa questions
Come to our presentations
Use our ‘batch scheme’ for student applications
Meet to discuss completed application forms
Information and advice on: student visas (here and
home country); visa conditions and responsibilities;
problems with your visa; working during your studies;
family student dependant visas; student visitor visas;
non-student visas; travelling and returning to the UK;
finding an immigration lawyer
• Today: a quick look at some visa points you
need to check or know right from the start
September/October 2010
If you still have a student visa given for
a course somewhere else:
• Visa applied for before 31 March 2009 (pre
Tier 4): ok to enrol and start; apply for
extension before expiry date
• Visa applied for before 5 October 2009:
you need to email UKBA before you start
your course
• Visa applied for on or after 5 October
2009: apply now for a new visa; then you
can start your course while you wait for it
Collect handout: Changing Education Provider from
our stand; email us if you need help
September/October 2010
Check your visa’s expiry date
• Check you have been given the correct
amount of time:
- course length over six months but less
than 12 months: visa expiry date should
be course end date (as on CAS) + 2
- course length 12 months or longer: visa
expiry date should be course end date + 4
- could be shorter if you have certain
types of financial sponsorship
• If you haven’t been given enough time,
email us
September/October 2010
• This is the University’s Tier 4 Sponsor
• If you applied for your visa before you
travelled, with a CAS from the University,
this number should be on your visa
• If you have a Biometric Residence Permit
(because you applied for your Tier 4 visa in
the UK) your BRP should have either this
number or your CAS number
• If it is wrong or missing, please email us
September/October 2010
Registration with the Police
•Some nationals need to register with
police (will be written on your visa in your
•Register within seven days at police
station in St Aldates (near main post
office in Oxford, near Christ Church);
take with you:
- two passport photos
- Enrolment certificate (print out from
Student Self Service)
- £34 for fee(exact amount in cash)
•report to police and get your certificate
updated (free of charge) if you extend
your visa or change address
•Do not ignore this requirement!
September/October 2010
Why is my college asking for my
passport/Biometric Residence
Permit/visa to scan?
• The University, as a Tier 4 Licensed
Sponsor has a duty to keep a record of the
passport and visa or Biometric Residence
Permit of all Tier 4 students. For most
students, colleges carry out this duty.
• Please take your passport (and BRP if
applicable) to college when you enrol, and
again if you renew your passport or get a
new visa
• Please keep your details up to date on
Student Self Service
September/October 2010
The University’s reporting duties
If you have a Tier 4 student visa, the University
must tell UKBA if any of the following happen:
• You do not enrol
• You suspend, withdraw from or defer your
• You leave your course early
• You are no longer sponsored by the University
• You breach your immigration conditions
• You are absent for a long time and the
University does not know why
Communicate with your
Department and College!
September/October 2010
Take care to keep to the conditions
of your visa
• Study at the institution which gave you the
CAS for your visa
• Know your visa expiry date and do not let
yourself become an ‘overstayer’. You will not
get a reminder. Nobody is entitled to remain
beyond their visa expiry date
• Keep to work restrictions
• Register with the police if required
Consequences of breach of conditions:
• criminal offence, possible removal, Entry
Clearance bar
• Difficulties getting new visa
September/October 2010
Further information on Tier 4 duties and
• In your Welcome Pack, you will find a
• Please read it carefully
September/October 2010
Extending your Student Visa in the UK
Full information about process, including links to current
application form and notes about the supporting
documents visit:
By post
Student “Batch” scheme:
• operated by the UK Border Agency
• post your application for you
• quicker and safer than posting yourself
• must make an appointment via email
In person
At a UKBA Public Enquiry Office
• make an appointment through UKBA
• passport returned same day
• BRP card issued within 5-10 days
September/October 2010
Working During Studies
• 20 hours a week while you are studying
• Full time when you are on holiday Note DPhil students
must only work full time during designated breaks as
authorised by supervisor
• All students can work for 4 months upon completion of
ALL studies with a valid student visa
• You cannot work full time during any period when you
should be studying (including research and writing up)
• Permission to work also includes work placements
(with conditions)
• Self-employment, engaging in business or filling a
permanent full time vacancy is not allowed
• National Insurance Number – see A-Z Guide under
• All UK employment legislation applies and you must
pay UK tax : threshold currently £6,475 pa (2010/11)
September/October 2010
Family members
• Spouse, unmarried partner, civil partner,
children under 18
• Allowed to join you during your studies
as your ‘dependants’
• No work restriction if student visa is valid
for longer than 12 months
• No provision for children over 18(although
can remain at 18 and extend if already in
UK as a dependant)
September/October 2010
Visas to stay in the UK to work
• Tier 1 (Post Study Work) – UK degree
• Tier 1 (General) Highly Skilled Worker
• We will advise on applications to these
schemes - Workshops advertised on
• Tier 2 visas obtained by employer –we can
give general information
September/October 2010
Important to check
Visa is for study at Oxford
(check Tier 4 sponsor licence number)
Date your visa expires
Length of visa
Work conditions
Whether you need to register with the Police
September/October 2010
To do list
Take a copy of your visa and passport identity page
Register with the police (if required to do so)
Be aware of your responsibilities
Keep your College/Department informed
Read all the information currently available and keep
up to date by visiting websites regularly
Make a note 2 months before visa expires and start
extension process if necessary
Attend presentations and workshops
September/October 2010
Immigration and Visa Advice
For further information contact:
Student Information and Advisory Service
Email: [email protected]
September/October 2010

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