Theme: Up
It is difficult to pilot a blimp, so the pilot must be particularly
Skillful, expert in the use of the hands or mind
You might expect “Kevin” to be rather wild and unfriendly,
but Russell found him quite amicable.
Peaceable, friendly
Muntz, the villian of Up, has a trio of dogs that are very
Given to fighting, warlike
 combative, aggressive
one at war, one engaged in war
When Russell first meets Mr. Frederickson, the old man seems
rather grumpy and unkind. It is only later that we see just
how benevolent he truly is.
Kindly, charitable
In his cursory attempt to earn a merit badge, Russell
accidentally stows away on Carl’s “airship.”
Hasty, not thorough
Muntz relies on duplicity to trap and kill Kevin, but the bird
is too smart for him.
Treachery, deceitfulness
Still in love with his wife, Carl extols her many qualities
whenever Ellie is mentioned.
To praise extravagantly
Before leaving for Paradise Falls, Muntz insisted that it was
feasible to capture another specimen of rare bird like the
skeleton he had found.
Possible, able to be done
Carl can only grimace at the thought of moving into a
retirement home and allowing his house to be demolished.
A wry face
 Facial distortion
 To make a wry face
Some sort of holocaust must have destroyed the rest of
Kevin’s species of bird.
A large-scale destruction, especially by fire
 A vast slaughter
 A burnt offering
Once Doug sees a squirrel (“Squirrel!”) he is impervious to
any commands, suggestions, or other distractions.
Not affected or hurt by
Admitting no passage or entrance
Carl’s accidental injury of a construction worker is the
impetus the company needs to remove him from his house.
A moving force, impulse, stimulus
When Carl and Russell first meet Muntz, they do not suspect
that they are in any jeopardy.
After Carl is evicted by the judge, he meticulously constructs
an “airship” from his own house.
Extremely careful
Particular about the details
Once his wife dies, it is difficult for Carl not feel nostalgia for
their younger years together.
A longing for something past
 homesickness
In earning his final merit badge, Russell is seeking to become
the quintessence of a Wilderness Explorer.
The purest form of something
 The most typical example
After Muntz captures Kevin, Carl retrogresses to his
previously solitary existence, retreating into his house to look
through his scrapbooks.
To move backward
To return to an earlier condition
After scrutinizing the skeleton with which Muntz returned,
experts proclaimed it a fake.
To examine closely
Carl’s reaction to Russell as a traveling companion was, at
best, tepid.
 Unenthusiastic
Marked by an absence of interest

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