Ms. Williams’ Fourth Grade Class

Mrs. Boone
Mrs. Belvo’s
Fifth Grade
Welcome to Fifth Grade!
 Purpose: overview your child’s
life in the 5th grade.
 A little about Mrs. Boone and
Mrs. Belvo and the class
 Please let me know if you have
any questions or you can write
them on the index card.
Classroom Goals
 To be part of a POSITIVE classroom
 To reach academic and social levels to
be prepared for MIDDLE SCHOOL.
The 5th grade is a community.
Class Meetings-varies
Dress Code-see handout
Path to Success-..\2008-2009\Sneak-APeek\Path to Success Success
Essential Questions
 Essential Questions
 Posted in Newsletter for Review
 Posted in classroom
 Content maps
 Created for each unit
 Posted in classroom
 Posted on Blog
 Vocabulary terms
 Posted in classroom
 Posted on each Content Map
Daily Schedule
7:15-8:00- Morning work/duties
8:00-8:20-Math Rap
9:15-10:15- Math compacting
10:15-11:45- Integrated Language Arts
12:25-12:50-Integrate Language Arts
1:05-1:50- SS/Science/Health
2:00-2:15-Schoolwide Read Aloud
Morning Duties
Sign In/Lunch Choice (binder)
Read the board
Copy the agenda
Work on morning work
Run errands/media center
Morning Work
 Checked/completed in red pen if not in classroom
with enough time to complete
 Math Compacting
How does it work?
Multiplication facts
Pass/Fail for CRCT
 Practice Early
• Math RAP
• Smartboard Activities M-Th
• F:\FLASHDRIVE\Flashdrive
• Problem Solving Friday
Language Arts/Reading
Good Habits for Great Readers Adoption
and Resources
Reading: Pass/Fail for CRCT
Reading Groups
 rules
 assignments
Readin’ Rocks at Vaughan
 25 book challenge (standard)
 Reading logs (completely
 Incentives(9 weeks & year)
Language Arts
 Writing
 grammar
 Spelling (Words Their Way)
 Various word lists beginning next
 Descriptive, Narrative, Persuasive,
and Response to Literature
(throughout the year)
 Topics for ScienceMrs. ReDavid will teach
 Scientific Method,
Classification, Matter,
Cells and Microrganisms
• Science rotation for
Social Studies
 Map and Globe skillsthroughout the year
 Yearlong themes, Effective
Citizenship, Civil
Changing America, WWI,
WWII, and America 1950Present Day
 More than 1 resource used
for lessons
 50 minutes of homework may be assigned nightly, not including
 Reading nightly (complete weekly log)
 Studying for a test
 Completing a project
 Reinforcement/Practice of a concept
 Quality not quantity
 Homework is not completed for a subject grade, but it is part of
the work/study grade on the report card. A checkmark will also
be given for incomplete or missing work.
 Students will complete unfinished/not completed homework
during Study Hall.
 Please help your child, as needed, after he/she has attempted
the work.
 Classwork should be completed when assigned
(including morning work).
 Additional time may be given throughout the day.
 Unfinished classwork will be marked as “finish” in the
 All classwork can be collected for a grade.
 Late work may be accepted, but only for partial credit
(points taken off daily, and not accepted after 3 days)
 Cursive/print until January-then cursive
 Child’s best work, or may be given back to
Agenda/Path to Success
 Signature required-responsibility of the
 Completed assignments will be marked as
“Done” in the agenda
 X means no homework was assigned in that
 Students are responsible for completely
writing what is assigned on the agenda.
 Consequences and Rewards for
Behavior/Work Study Habits
School Times
 School starts at 7:50 AM
 Students must check in at the school office
before coming to class if they arrive after that
 No checkout after 2:00-per the office
 Cobb County has a policy for
 5, 10, 15
• National Geographics-Science & Reading
 Field Trips Blue Ridge-March
 Performing Arts in December
 Testing: September: ITBS
 No COGAT this year
 CRCT: APRIL-Look at your child’s 4th grade scores
 Conferences: JANUARY
 Scheduled as needed throughout the year
 Progress Reports at 4 ½ weeks
 Important documents (year at a glance)
 E-mail [email protected]
 No transportation changes please per the front office
 Class Directory: Please e-mail Mrs. Martin
[email protected]
 Agenda/Path to Success Record
 Blog/Newsletter
• Home Communication folder
A few things…
 Forgotten lunches-Students may not
call home for a forgotten lunch-per the
front office.
 Smartboard use…demonstration after
Open House
Let’s Have an Awesome Year!

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