Krzysztof Kurzydlowski

Open Materials Research and
Innovation in Europe
K. J. Kurzydlowski
European Materials Forum
European Materials Forum
• Launched in 2004
• To stimulate strong contacts between research
community and industry
• Provides a forum to advocate independent
scientific advices
• President Prof. Michal KLEIBER
• Represented by Prof. K. J. Kurzydlowski,
Director of Applied Research Funding Agency
of Poland
Open innovation system – funding
• In what sense the current system is closed and
• Fragmentation in terms
• Private and public
• National and European
• National spending exceeds by far European
• 95 to 5%
• Approximately 1/3 of spending comes from the
National (Domestic) Funding Agencies
On average NF Agencies act
• Provide funding within administrative borders
• Against the intensifying diffusion of business
• Against the increasing mobility of human
• A clear need to diffuse the borders between
the NFA
Some actions already in place
• ERA-NETS, Joint Planning, Eureka, Eurostars
• M-era.Net - a European network of public funding
organisations and funding programmes on materials
science and engineering
• 25 European countries
• 37 funding organisations, (29 national and 8 regional)
• The whole innovation chain from basic to applied
research and innovation
• A single ERA-NET contract
The M-era.Net Consortium
Austria: FFG:
Austria: bmvit:
Austria: FWF:
Belgium-Flemish: FWO:
Belgium-Flemish: IWT:
Belgium/Walloon Region: DGo6:
Cyprus: RPF:
Germany: BMBF:
Germany: DFG:
Germany: JULICH:
Germany: KIT:
Estonia : ETF:
Spain Andalusia: IDEA:
Spain Asturias: IDEPA:
Spain BasqueCountry: Innobasque:
Spain Madrid: fmi+d:
Finland: Tekas:
France: ANR :
France MidiPyrenees: RMP:,3650
Hungary: OTKA:
Israel: MATIMOP:
Iceland: RANNIS:
Italy: MIUR:
Lithuania: RCL:
Luxembourg: FNR:
Latvia: LAS:
Netherlands: NWO:
Norway: RCN:
Poland: NCBiR:
Portugal: FCT:
Romania: UEFISCDI:
Sweden: Vinnova:
Slovenia: MESCS:
Slovakia: SAS:
Turkey: Tübitak:
Sets a stage for further actions, in particular
strengthening participation of SMEs
• The efficient way is to take advantage of "European
coordination groups"
• Especially in the field of materials support of such
organizations as E-MRS and FEMS
• Support the European SMEs with Materials KIC
• Materials KIC with participation of NFA
Innovation system open for SMEs
• SME free to apply with public research
organizations to NFA disregarding their
country of origin
• Simple and efficient system for granting access
to resources of public research organizations
• Access to specialized research infrastructure
• The cost of R&D shared by EU and NFA

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