Group 3 – Utopian Vision of Cities,
Cultures and Landmarks
Christy Martin
Deborah McCoy
Sam Abbatiello
Adrienne Caputo
Images of North America
Image Resources for North America
Liberty Bell
Statue of Liberty
Disney World
Lincoln Memorial
Mt. Rushmore
Hollywood Hills Sign
The Capital Building
White House
American Flag
Las Vegas
Seatle Space Needle
St. Louis Arch
Golden Gate Bridge
Description of North American
Pictorial Essay
• Using the images of famous North American
landmarks, cities, and culture the pictorial
essay will reflect a “utopia city”.
• Making a cohesive town the images will be
divided into day and night images.
Images of South America
Image Resources for South America
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Santiago, Chile
Lima, Peru
Cartagena, Colombia
Machu Picchu
Angel Falls
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Description of South American
Pictorial Essay
Our group chose to highlight different landmarks from around the world. My
pictures are taken from areas in South America which are Buenos Aires, Rio
de Janeiro, Santiago, Lima, Cartagena, The Amazon, Angel Falls, and Machu
I think I’m going to use the photo of The Amazon as a layer for the
background of my finished product, and I might try to make it look like Angel
Falls is flowing into the Amazon River.
I’m going to try to create some type of continuity or connectedness between
the pictures so that it almost seems like there are no separate locations that
the photos are taken from and that it is all just one location in South America.
Images of Africa and Asia
Image Resources for Africa and Asia
The Pyramids
The Sphinx
Cape of Good Hope
Red Square,_Moscow,_Russia.jpg
Masjid Nabawi,_Saudi_Arabia.jpg
Great Mosque of Samarra
Bosphorus Bridge Night
The Bayterek tower
The Great Wall of China
Mount Everest
The ruins of Wat Chaiwatthanaram
Shinto Itsukushima Shrine
Monumen Nasional
Image Resources for Africa and Asia
In our group I was responsible for researching and locating pictures from the countries
on the continents of Africa and Asia. I came up with pictures from China, Burma, Egypt
Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, and more. I found several famous landmarks as well as some lesser know landmarks and landscapes.
I think that to combine these pictures, I will attempt to portray them as though they are
on the same land and in close conjunction with each other. For example I will put Mt.
Everest in the same area as the Great wall of China as well as the Pyramids. I will also
combine the man-made monuments as though they are a skyline.
Images of Europe
• All photos were taken by me on my study
abroad trip in 2008.
• I plan to create a roadmap with images from
Europe depicting all of the best places to visit.
Intro and Outro Slides
• We plan to create some type of mosaic
including all of the images to make one large
• That image may be a city or something else.

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