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Manila Training for Banner Teams
The structure of a
Uniform Resource Locator for a
Manila site at MCC
site name
Server address/domain name
The Language of Manila
Membership and Roles
Editorial Roles
There are three editorial roles on a Manila site: Managing Editor,
Contributing Editor and Content Editor. If you run the site, you
are probably the Managing Editor. In that role, you can
•Change the Home Page
•Create Stories, Pictures and Discussion Group messages
•Use Preferences to change the way the site looks and operates
•Maintain the site using the Administration features
•Send Bulletins
As Managing Editor you can also edit any Story, Picture or
Message on the site, no matter who created it.
Membership and Roles
Editorial Roles
 Any Member can be selected as a Contributing Editor. This lets
them create Stories, Pictures and Discussion Group Messages, but
doesn't allow them to change the Home Page, or access the Prefs,
Admin and Bulletins features.
 Contributing Editors can edit the Stories, Pictures or Messages
they created.
 Content Editors can create and work with all stories, pictures and
Discussion Group messages.
Membership and Roles
The editorial roles on a site could be broken
down like this:
Webmaster - Managing Editor
Web designer - Managing Editor
Editor - Managing Editor
Writer - Contributing Editor
Graphic Artist - Contributing Editor
Membership and Roles
Membership is normally turned on for a new Manila
site and your Home Page will have a Members box
with links for joining and logging in. This feature has
been turned off on the Manila sites.
Once someone joins or is subscribed by a Managing
Editor, there are site Membership Preferences that
determine what kind of access they have.
Membership and Roles
Depending on your needs, you can set your site up
 The Discussion Group is reserved for selected
Members only
 All Members can participate in the Discussion
Group but Visitors can't read it
 All Members can participate and Visitors can read
the Discussion Group
Membership and Roles
The Managing Editor can still add members manually,
and their access to the Discussion Group is
determined by the Discussion Group settings
described previously.
The Managing Editor controls whether there's a link on
the Discussion Group page to create a new topic. If
not, Members can only respond to topics created by
the Managing and Contributing Editors. Members can
edit the Messages they create.
Membership and Roles
The Manila Home Page is usually open to all visitors, although
there is an Editor's Only setting to block everyone else, or as in
the case of the Banner team sites, a members only setting that
presents visitors with the member login page when they come to
the site. Otherwise, visitors can look at what you have on the
Home Page and follow links to the Stories you have posted.
Visitors won't receive bulletins or be able to participate in the
Discussion Group. Visitors can join by following the Join Now link
in the Members Box when it is turned on, and filling out a simple
form if you have membership enabled on your site.
The Manila Site Components
Manila Site Components
Stories, pictures and the home page all begin as
messages in the discussion listing. All messages
have a number.
Stories can be thought of as the Web pages of a
Manila site. They make up the “content” of the
Manila Site Components
Pictures are the gif and jpeg graphic files that
are added to the site and then included within
Gems do not start out as messages. They are
resources such as PowerPoint presentations,
PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets that you
offer for downloading from your Manila site.
The Manila Home Page
Site Name
Tag Line
Navigation Links (shortcuts)
Page Title
Members Box (can be hidden)
Link to Discussion Group (can be hidden)
Calendar (can be hidden, home page only)
Home Page Overview
Although the Home Page may look like an ordinary
Manila Story, it's really a container for Stories or News
Items. The way you set up your Home Page depends
on the kind of site you want to run. There are three main
 Single Story One Story at a time appears on the
Home Page
 Multiple News Days A configurable number of
Stories (one per day) appear on the Home Page
 News Items A configurable number of News Items
appear on the Home Page
Other Manila Pages
Page Title
Navigation Links
Graphics (pictures)
Body text (stories)
Link to Discussion Group (can be hidden)
Members Box (can be hidden)
Discussion Page
Site Navigation links
Members Box (can be hidden)
Other Manila Site URLs,
This will allow you to log in to your site if the login link is not visible
on your pages.
This will allow you to log off your site if the log off link is not visible
on your pages.
This will allow you to view the profiles of all your site members.
This will take you directly to your site preferences page.
This allows you to view certain statistics about your site.,
This will allow members to change their password, once they have
logged in to the site.

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