Commercialisation of Outdoor Experiences - VCE-OES-Teaching-Plan

Commercialisation of Outdoor
What is it?
• Commercialisation is a term generally used to
refer to the exploitation of a resource for
• So… in relation to outdoor experiences…
• Commercialisation of outdoor experiences
occurs when private companies charge clients
money to experience activities in natural
Commercialisation of the Alpine
National Park (Vic.) the early years.
Establishment of Resorts:
Mt Hotham
• 1874 – 640 acres set aside for ‘public purposes’
• ‘officially’ became a resort in 1925 with the
construction of Hotham Heights
• 1933 – 1952 Hotham Heights managed by the
Railways Department
• The Department of Crown Lands & Survey
assumed control of Hotham Heights in 1952
• 1983 – Alpine Resorts Act passed, which created
the Alpine Resorts Committee which took over
control of Hotham Heights
Establishment of Resorts:
Falls Creek
• Began as housing for those working on the
Keiwa Hydro Scheme
• 1946 – weather station was built, this was
turned into St Elmo’s Hut
• 1947 – Skyline Lodge completed
• 1949 Four Seasons lodge established
Establishment of Resorts:
Mt Buller
• Transformed from a cattleman’s run to an
Alpine resort
• 1929 Mt Buller Chalet built
• Now has more than 7000 ‘on-mountain’ beds
Establishment of runs/lifts:
Mt Hotham
• Tracks originally used for mining access then
adapted for recreational use
• During the 1930’s Varsity Drag, Blue Ribbon runs
were cleared and developed, as well as others
• Rapid change between the 40’s and 60’s to
create a more intensive alpine recreational area
• There are now 13 lifts and more than 80 with
35km of X-Country trails
Establishment of runs/lifts:
Falls Creek
• First lift, St Elmo’s rope tow in 1949, is now
the Summit Chair
• 1957 – 1st chair lift built
• There are now 14 lifts and more than 92 runs
plus an extra 21 X-country trails
Establishment of runs/lifts:
Mt Buller
• Pre 1985 there were two lift companies on
Mt Buller, you needed 2 tickets to ski the
whole mountain
• Today has 25 lifts and more than 80 runs as
well as a variety of X-Country options
Establishment of tours/holidays
• 1888 – Bright Alpine Club established to
promote interest in Mt Buffalo
• 1923 – Snow Carnival and Skiing
Championship at Mt Feathertop
• 1929 – Cope Hut prioritised for ski touring use
• 1935 – Skyline Tours offer 10day guided tours
by Cattlemen
• 1939 – holidays at Mt Hotham offered from
£13/week all inclusive
• 1944 – Alpine Club of Victoria established
Student Activity
• Students to devise a timeline illustrating the
continued commercialisation of the Alpine
Area (Mt Hotham, Falls Creek or Mt Buller)
from the start of the 1950s to the present day
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