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Corporate Overview
Send Word Now
Andrew Meyer, Regional Sales Manager
Fall 2009
SWN Communications Inc. | Proprietary and Confidential – Not For Distribution
Send Word Now | Proprietary and Confidential
Company Overview
● Headquartered in New York City
● Global, redundant infrastructure
● Serving 550 brand name customers
 Including large portion of the Fortune 500, government, healthcare
● Battle tested through disruptions & world events
 Northeast Blackout (2003)
 Asian Tsunami (2004), Hurricanes Katrina & Rita (2005), Ike (2008)
 Terrorism in Madrid (2004), London (2005), Mumbai (2008)
 Steampipe Burst in NYC (2007)
 Olympics, Presidential Conventions, etc.
Send Word Now | Proprietary and Confidential
Features and Benefits
● Fully Hosted, Web-based (SaaS) Alerting Service
 Always available, access anywhere
 Redundant data centers ensure uptime
Secaucus, NJ – Schenectady, NY – London, UK – Phoenix Q409 – Canada/AsiaPac 2010
● Reach thousands of people in minutes - anywhere
 Automating a historically manual process
 Voice/text messages sent at once to all addresses and devices
 Optional on-demand conference bridge
 Two-way Blackberry PIN blasting & International SMS
● Message triggering from any device
 Always available, access anywhere
 Web, email, phone, Blackberry, internal application
 Quicksend message sending
Send Word Now | Proprietary and Confidential
Reach Anyone, Any Device, Anywhere
Send Word Now | Proprietary and Confidential
Our Customers
Send Word Now | Proprietary and Confidential
Our Customers
Customer Testimonials
“With Send Word Now’s SWN Alert Service, we can
instantly send messages to every employees home phone,
cell phone or BlackBerry. Two-way SMS and PIN-to-PIN
messaging give us every confidence our messages will get
through in both emergency and everyday situations,
empowering our employees to make decisions based on the
best, and most current, information.”
-- Pete Dowling
Senior Vice President
Operational Risk Management
AXA Equitable
Former special agent in charge of the Washington office of the U.S. Secret Service
Send Word Now | Proprietary and Confidential
Our Customers
Customer Testimonials
“With our Global and U.S. Crisis Teams dispersed around the
world, having a call-out mechanism like Send Word Now was
invaluable to us in being able to communicate in the wake of
the recent London bombings.”
Don L. Hubbard
Director, Global Security
Send Word Now | Proprietary and Confidential
Our Customers
Customer Testimonials
“As soon as our global security team learned of the
tsunami, we used Send Word Now to reach our senior team
around the world and arranged a conference call within 15
minutes to devise a crisis plan. We sent voice and text
messages to all their designated communication devices
and received and reviewed responses in real time.”
-- Michael Dee
Global Security Operations Center
Send Word Now | Proprietary and Confidential
Our Customers
Customer Testimonials
“On Sunday, Mother’s day 2006, New Hampshire suffered a 100yr flood event. A major facility was in imminent danger due to
rapidly rising water. Using SWN, the Security Operations
Center alerted Facilities, Security, and Program personnel to
rapidly respond to the site and save highly classified equipment
and documents before they were damaged. SWN reduced
notification time that was needed to protect sensitive assets.”
—Dave Kuhns
Director of Industrial Security
BAE Systems
Send Word Now | Proprietary and Confidential
Send Word Now | Proprietary and Confidential
Why Customers Choose Send Word Now
● Simplicity
 Flexible and easy to administer, install, use
● Speed
 Messages go out immediately
● Scale
 Thousands of calls, email, SMS, Blackberry PIN per minute
● Security
 No single point of failure, not single-premise
● Support
 Continuous support
● Success
 Proven track record; our customers swear by us
Send Word Now | Proprietary and Confidential
Thank You
Please feel free to contact me
for more information
Andrew Meyer
Send Word Now
224 West 30th Street
Suite 500 New York, NY 10001
Work: (212) 379-4915
Cell: (917) 797-7604
Email: [email protected]
Send Word Now | Proprietary and Confidential

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