UniSA New Building at Mt Gambier & High Speed Fibre Projects

UniSA New Building
at Mt Gambier
High Speed Fibre Projects
Design Presentation
Welcome and Introductions
Prof Judy Nagy
Christina Coleiro
Project Components
New Building Project for UniSA $12.5M
New High Speed Fibre Project $7.5M
Project Vision
To create a world class tertiary education facility
underpinned by new high speed fibre optic
infrastructure which will revolutionise the student
learning experience and access for regional and
rural students in the state and will enable UniSA to
expand its course offerings in Mt Gambier and
Project Benefits
• revolutionise the student learning experience for regional students
• triple UniSA’s facilities in the region
• enable up to four times as many students to participate in UniSA
• improve integration
• internet speeds 100 times their current rate
• enable students to access the same UniSA curriculum, resources
and academics as those in the city
• access to new fibre infrastructure will be available indirectly to
broader Mount Gambier community through 3rd party commercial
• employment opportunities for local community
• focus on local materials
Education Opportunities
Building Project as a learning tool
Project Scope
Project Scope
New Building
Civic Lecture Gallery
120 seats
Piazza Student Hub
5 General Teaching Rooms
30 seats
2 Active Teaching Rooms
30 seats
Specialist Teaching Facilities
Nursing + Midwifery, Social Work and Education
Meeting Rooms
Total Gross Floor Area
Integration link to TAFESA
External Elements
Car parking
50 additional
Project Program
Key Project Time lines
Consultant Team Appointed
May 13
Project Start Up Workshop
June 13
Concept (Schematic) Design Phase
End Sept 13
Design Development Phase
End Dec 13
Documentation Phase completed
May 14
May- June 14
Construction on Site Commences
July/August 14
Construction Completed
Early 2016
Early 2016
Building Project
Hal Guida
High Speed Fibre Project
Paul Sherlock
Further Information
Information/ Communication
Key Channels:
UniSA Facilities Management Unit Website
Senior Project Manager, UniSA- Christina Coleiro
[email protected]
Manager Facilities, TAFESA- Karen Pillen [email protected]
A/ Dean Teaching and Learning UniSA– Judy Nagy
[email protected]

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