The Clause
What is a Clause?
A clause is a group of words that
contains a subject and a verb
It may be used as a complete
Independent Clause
…Or part of a sentence
Dependent Clause
The Independent Clause
An independent clause expresses a
complete thought and can stand
alone as a sentence.
It will pass the “I know that..” Test
Ex: The Great Gatsby is a wonderful
Ex: The Great Gatsby is a wonderful
novel; however, it is often criticized for
its controversial content.
The Subordinate Clause
Contains a subject and a verb but does
NOT express a complete thought
Will NOT pass the “I know that…” Test
They are often (but not always) set off with
a comma
They often (but not always) begin with a
relative pronoun, WWWWW, or a
subordinating conjunction
The Subordinate Clause
Ex: That we took to the grocery store.
Ex: While I was reading this really
awesome book that I love.
We will examine adjective clauses,
noun clauses, and adverb clauses
We will briefly discuss elliptical
Complete Exercise 1 (ALL) pg 559

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