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Academic Training
Academic Training Defined:
 J-1
exchange visitor regulation- AT provides
employment authorization to students so they can gain
practical experience in their major related field.
 BSMP- AT is further defined as traditional internship,
co-op, observership, or practicum that is completed
over a pre-approved period of time.
AYAP Policies
AYAP does NOT provide students with assistance in
obtaining internships.
AYAP does NOT offer any housing, insurance, or meal plans
to the students who are doing internships. AYAP will offer
housing, insurance, and meal plans to the students who are
taking coursework this summer, but the students are
expected to submit a AT waiver to obtain IIE’s approval
prior. Once approved, students must maintain 12 units
throughout the entire summer.
Students who want to take coursework (i.e., research type
courses) this summer MUST get IIE’s approval this spring
before summer starts on 6/25/13. Students must show IIE
their numerous attempts at securing an internship, along with
an advisor’s signature, before students sign up for summer
IIE Academic Training Eligibility
AT must be related to the major field of study listed on
the DS-2019.
Students must be in good academic standing and legal
program status.
All AT requests must be submitted to IIE for preapproval.
Students must obtain endorsement from their academic
advisor for their intended AT program.
For the duration of AT students must be enrolled in a
health insurance plan which covers illnesses and
accidents including medical evacuation and repatriation
meeting the J-1 visa requirements.
Additional Requirements
AT can take place either on- or off-campus, and may be
paid or unpaid.
AT that takes place during official summer months should be
full-time (a minimum of 35 hours per week); no shorter than
eight weeks.
Students must begin summer AT activities within two weeks of
their last exam of the Spring quarter. Students who want to
have a vacation must contact IIE for stipend and approval.
All students, in particular those studying medicine, veterinary
sciences, dentistry, and pharmacy, must understand and
agree to comply with the J-1 regulation stipulation that they
will not have any patient contact (human or animal) during
the course of their exchange program.
Additional Requirements
Students who do not secure an AT opportunity must
submit an Academic Training Waiver Request form
to IIE.
 Students
may instead take pre-approved Summer
classes or return to Brazil immediately following the
conclusion of the Spring quarter.
For additional information regarding Academic
Training please refer to the BSMP website
Application Procedure
Please make sure you follow the steps listed below. Your AT will not be
approved unless you have submitted the required forms.
 Consult with your academic advisor before applying for AT.
 Obtain a written offer of internship employment from your AT
employer on the company's official letterhead.
 Complete the Request for Academic Training form.
 Review your offer of employment with an academic advisor and
obtain his or her endorsement by submitting Part F of the Request for
Academic Training form.
 Email your completed Request for Academic Training form to your
internship supervisor and obtain his or her endorsement on Part G of
the Request for Academic Training form.
 Submit the Request for Academic Training form and a copy of your
official offer letter to IIE at [email protected]
Student Responsibilities
While engaged in AT, students are required to maintain
their legal status and continue compliance with the following
J-1 regulations:
 Academic training will cease before the conclusion of a
student's DS-2019.
 Students will report any changes in their U.S. address
during the AT.
 Students will report any changes in their AT provider,
location or dates to IIE immediately. Any changes to
approved academic training programs require
advanced authorization from IIE.
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