Requesting Classes - South High School

Requesting Classes
2013-2014 School Year
Our Goals for this Evening
 Introduce you to the Counseling Team
 Help you understand the requirements for graduating
from South High
 Help you complete the Course Request Form for next
year’s classes
South High Counseling Team
 Kim Friesen
 Don Dilla
 Jackie Mosconi
 Nicole Crowell
 Marie Hassell:
• Anne Erickson, College and Career Center Coordinator
• Katherine Van Pernis College and Career Center Coordinator
• Elizabeth Engelhart, APIP
• Richard Palmquist, Elizabeth McMillan, Renee Magney; Support
• Stephen Simondet, Assistant Principal
Core Courses
English 4 full years
Social Studies 4 full years:
 Honors World
Studies/Humanities 1
 AP U.S. History/AP Humanities 2
 Government/Economics and AP Human Geography
 A year of electives in Social Studies
Math Sequence
3 Years Minimum:
 Intermediate Algebra
 Geometry
 Advanced Algebra
 Pre-Calculus
 AP AB Calculus
 AP BC Calculus
 AP Statistics
 College Prep Algebra & Statistics,
Algebra/Geometry/Statistics, or AP Statistics
 9th – Biology/Physics (1/2 year of each)
 10th – Chemistry (or Honors)
 11th – Biology/Physics (1/2 year of each)
 12th – Optional, but highly recommended:
AP Environmental, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics,
or a PSEO Science course
World Languages
 Two-year minimum for Liberal Arts diploma.
 Most colleges want at least 2 years of the same World
Language; competitive colleges look for 3, 4, or more.
 If you read, write, and speak a second language,
colleges may waive the requirement of a World
Language in high school.
Fine Arts
 One year is required.
 Music, visual arts, and graphic/digital photography
classes count.
 Half the value of some PLTW classes count.
Project Lead the Way (PLTW)
 Year-long college level Engineering courses, may earn
college credits.
 For students “at or above” grade level in math and science.
 Teaches problem-solving and creativity in a computer-
based setting.
 Half of the PLTW credit counts toward Fine Arts for Intro.
to Engineering and Principles of Engineering.
 Principles of Engineering also counts for the second
semester of Physics.
Physical Education and Health
 Need Fitness for life 1 & Fitness for life 2 (1 semester of each).
 Need Health 1 & Health 2 (1 semester of each).
 Some students take these classes through or MPS Online;
space is limited and there is no guarantee that this will be
available for you.
• Fast Track only earns .75 cr
Completing the Course
Selection Form
 Be sure your name and ID, program and grade next
year are all on the form.
 Please include a phone number where we can reach
you if we have questions.
Earn an Associates’ Degree at the same time
as your high school diploma!
 This partnership between Minneapolis Community and Technical College
and South High brings students a unique opportunity to earn an Associates’
Degree with an emphasis in Education and a certificate in American Indian
Studies at the same time as earning their high school diploma!
 Students who wish to be eligible to apply for FutureForward must
indicate this by checking the appropriate box on the South High Course
Request Form. Students will be able to apply later in 9th grade year for the
 You will have limited choices in classes in this program.
 Advancement Via Individual Determination
 Is a program, not just a course
 Is for students in the “academic middle” who want to
go to college and might need support
 Historically underrepresented at college/university
Choose enough electives
 You MUST provide 1-6 elective choices in order of
 Some classes might not be offered or might conflict
with the rest of your schedule.
 If you don’t choose enough electives, we will select for
you and you may have no option to change.
Making Careful Choices
 We will hold you to your commitment to your courses
 Consult your parents
 Current teachers will provide recommendations to our
school in World Languages and Math
Requests VS Schedules
Course offerings are determined by:
 Number of student requests
 Needs for graduation
 Budget
 Staffing
 Schedules are available at the August “Back to School
Event.” Class schedules on the portal prior to this event
are NOT final.
Thank you!
 We are glad you are here in our South High
 Please speak to staff in the commons or
Counselors here in the auditorium if you have
individual questions.
 Please leave your completed form with us as you
exit the main door.
 See you in August for the “Back to School Event.”

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