Management & Technology variant (MT)

Update on the IBP mastervariant
• Master-variants for science introduced to attract more students to
faculties of science (“Beta-convenant”)
• At RU Faculty of Science:
Research variant (“default”)
Education variant
Science & Communication variant
Management & Technology variant
• MT-variant managed by Ben Dankbaar and Arjan van Rooij, with help
from FMW teachers
• Ben’s retiring and replacing by HdC, reorientation asked for
• Peter Tindemans, Arjan, Heleen and MT steering group developed a
new curriculum
Management & Technology variant (MT)
• The main objective of the MT track is to make science students familiar with
concepts and theories from organization studies and business administration
• Outline:
– 30 EC management courses, mostly run from Nijmegen School of
– 27 EC MT-graduation project (externally with a company)
• Increasing student numbers until 2011/12, decline at the moment
• Challenges:
– Embedding in Faculty of Sciences
– Reputation of courses with students, FoS teachers and study advisors
– Alignment with current staff at ISIS
– Students realise at a late stage that they don’t want a career in research
Management & Technology variant (MT)
Management & Technology variant (MT)
Innovation, Business & Policy variant (IBP)
• Societal science themes central
– Better links to Faculty of Sciences teaching and research
– Motivating students by substance
• Students choose a societal science theme
– Climate & Energy
– Biodiversity & Water
– Security & the Information Society
• Any Master track can combine with any theme
• Outline:
– 12 EC in theme-specific courses, mostly run at Faculty of Sciences
– 15 EC in IBP-courses in support of better understanding theme, in cooperation
with Nijmegen School of Management
– 30 EC IBP-graduation project (mostly with an external organisation)
Setup curriculum Science Master with IBP variant
Core theme course
Theme course
Theme course
Core theme course and theme courses in the field of:
• Climate & Energy
• Biodiversity & Water
• Security & the Information Society
Policy &
Economics (3)
management (3)
Methods in business
and policy research (3)
IBP graduation project
C-variant course
Theme courses
Biodiversity & Water:
• Core Biodiversity & Water (6 EC): Toine Smits, with Rob Leuven and
Rob Lenders
• Ecology and management of large river systems (3 EC): Rob Leuven
• Tbd (3 EC)
Climate & Energy:
• Core Climate & Energy (6 EC): Heleen de Coninck, with Bram
Bregman and John Schermer
• Sustainable consumption and production (3 EC): Mark Huijbregts
• Tbd (3 EC)
Security & the information society:
• Core Security in organisations (6 EC): ICIS
• Tbd (3 EC)
• Tbd (3 EC)
IBP courses and teachers
IBP courses are selected to support societal science themes
• Entrepreneurship (3 EC): Arjan van Rooij & Paul Ligthart (FMW)
• Policy & economics (3 EC): Heleen de Coninck & Pieter Leroy (or
others FMW) NEW
• Innovation management (3 EC): Egbert-Jan Sol & Robert Kok (FMW)
• Methods in business and policy research (3 EC): Arjan van Rooij
• C-variant course (3 EC): NEW choose from:
– Science & public policy
– Risk communication
– or The knowledge society
What’s next
• 2013/14:
– MT variant will run as planned, except for one course
(Management & Organisation)
– Preparations for start of IBP-variant
• 2014/15:
– IBP variant will be taught fully (57 EC)
– MT variant only 2nd year courses
• 2015/16:
– IBP variant only option
! Students starting their Master in 2013/14 can choose whether they
do the MT-variant or the IBP-variant !

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