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Smarter Balanced Assessment
Alphabet Soup
CAT - Computer Adaptive Test
CCR – College Career Readiness
CCSS – Common Core State Standards
ELA – English Language Arts
IAB - Interim SBA Assessment Blocks
ICA - Interim SBA Comprehensive Assessments
OSPI - Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction
SBA - Smarter Balanced Assessment
SBAC –Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
MSP - Measurements of Student Progress
HSPE – High School Proficiency Exams
• Grades 3-8
• Grade 11
SBA -English Language Arts
SBA – Mathematics
MSP Science – 5th and 8th grades
HSPE – 11th and 12th graders
* Reading and Writing HSPEs will be available to
11th and 12th graders who have not met their
graduation requirements in spring and summer
2015, and to 12th graders in spring and summer
• February – All students will take the practice
• Spring Testing
Old test (MSP)*
Paper and pencil
Bubble sheet
Multiple choice questions
Broad knowledge of topics
Year-end only assessment
Reviewed/scored by people; results
within about 2 months
New test (Smarter
Computer-based and adapted to
individual student response
(accommodates special education
students, English Language Learners,
Braille readers and others with special
Technology-enhanced, interactive (i.e.
drag-and-drop, listening tasks with
Performance tasks (i.e. writing and
Deeper knowledge/understanding of
fewer topics
Optional shorter assessments several
times a year
Computer-generate results with secure
online reporting system; only small
portion scored by people, resulting in
faster turn-around (less than 1 month)
A closer look
Envision two mountains
• Mount Rainier
• Mount McKinley
People who successfully climb Mt.
Rainier (at 14,000 feet) will find
Mt. McKinley (at 20,000 feet) more
Some will be able to meet the
challenge, some will be close and
some who previously were able to
summit Rainier will not be able to
summit McKinley at first.
• Kindergarten
First grade
Second grade
Third grade
Fourth grade
Fifth grade
Sixth grade
Seventh grade
Eighth grade
High school math
High school ELA
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