Year 8 Science Project
Homework 3
The Trial of Edward Jenner
Homework Deadline:
Tuesday 6th May 2014
Your Task:
 Read through the information sheet “The trial of Edward
 There are 2 sheets – Challenge Level and Foundation
 The Challenge level is more difficult (all of 8-1, 8-2 and
8-3 should definitely be attempting the challenge level)!
Edward Jenner on Trial
 Edward Jenner has been charged with Endangering a
young boys life by testing his theory of vaccination on
 Edward Jenner injected the boy with small pox. If his
theory hadn’t have worked, the boy could have died!
Edward Jenner on Trial
 You are going to write a statement for either the
prosecution or the defence of Edward Jenner – Is he
guilty of endangering a young boys life? Or is he a hero
for saving the population from small pox?
 Your argument needs to be persuasive and where
possible backed up with evidence.
 Write your argument on the Statement Sheet.
 Make it clear whether you are arguing for the defence or
the prosecution.
What information do you need to
include in your statement?
 Explain what vaccinations are used for
 Discuss which disease Jenner managed to vaccinate
 Give some possible positive and negative results from
Jenner’s experiment and the discovery of vaccinations
 Explain the science behind how vaccinations work
 Explain how humans have benefitted from the discovery
of vaccination
 Discuss how Jenner’s work changed peoples views on
how to prevent small pox
 Discuss the ethical/moral/social/cultural implications of
vaccinations and Jenner’s experiment.
Marking Criteria
You have made your argument for
the prosecution or defence of
Jenner clearly
You have explained Jenner’s
experiment and how it may have
endangered a young boy’s life –
was this right or wrong?
You have explained what
vaccinations are used for and how
they work
You have discussed how humans
have benefitted from Jenner’s
You have discussed the
ethical/moral issues with Jenner’s
Total Mark

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