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ForFUND Accounting
New Features in 4.0
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Table Of Contents 1
ForFUND/NP 4.0 contains a number of new features to the
following modules:
General Features
ForGeneral Ledger
ForCash Receipts
ForAccounts Payable
This demonstration will cover some to the highlights within
ForFUND/NP 4.0 For more information on ForFUND/NP, please
contact your Mirasoft Representative by calling:
800-414-FUND (3863)
Table of Contents 2
ForFUND/NP 4.0 contains a number of new features to the
following modules:
General Features
ForGeneral Ledger
ForCash Receipts
ForAccounts Payable
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General Features
General Features
 Easier installation with Install Shield
 Improved Installation Reports
 Export to Excel Spreadsheets
Export to Excel 1
Powerful integration with Microsoft’s Excel is achieved by allowing you to
exporting of ForFUND databases to Excel
This feature allows you to easily export any of the Sub-ledger master
database files to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Not only does it export
the data, but the spreadsheet is automatically formatted complete with
auto filters and bubble help that describes the data.
Export to Excel 2
The result is a formatted spreadsheet ready for your review!
Export to Excel 3
Bubble-help shows you the definitions of the exported fields.
Export To Excel 4
Filters can be selected from simple pull downs to . . .
Export to Excel 5
. . . show just what you want to see!
General Ledger
General Ledger
 Create and Import JEs in Excel
 Selective Posting/Update
 Posting to Project Mgmt.
 New Revenue vs. Expense Report
Import from Excel 1
External JE Import Process
Use the included Excel Journal Entry Template to create complex or offline Journal Entries. You can create multiple JE templates that contain all
of the calculating power and flexibility of Excel. Then, use the ForFUND’s
new JE import process to create your ForFUND Journal Entry.
Import from Excel 2
ForFUND provides a spreadsheet that allows you to use the
full power of Excel to create your Journal Entries. . .
Select JE to Post
Journal Entry Processing now makes it easier to select and
deselect which Journal Entries you want to post in your
batch. Of course, ForFUND’s ‘Intelligent Cross Fund
Balancer’ will ensure that your funds are in balance when
you Update/Post.
GL Post to Proj Mgmt
Journal Entries now allow you to
add a Project Number to each
line item transaction.
Rev vs. Exp Report 1
New Revenue vs. Expense Reports allows you to
consolidate Across Funds. . .
Rev vs. Exp Report 2
. . .You can consolidate by any segment of
your account number. . .
Rev vs. ExP Report 3
Journal Entries now allow you to
add a Project Number to each
line item transaction.
Cash Receipts
Cash Receipts
 Memorized Cash Receipts
 More Comprehensive Receipt
 CR Number field: longer and auto numbers
Memorized CR 1
You can now set up memorized Cash Receipts (just like
you do in the GL JE Processing). . .
Memorized CR 2
Also, CR now support auto-numbering of receipts.
. . .When entering a CR just choose from your list of templates
and ForFUND does the rest of the data entry automatically!
Memorized CR 3
ForFUND now offers more detail on the printed receipt. The above
shows that you can print a receipt on plain paper stock, or you can
order high quality forms from Altec.
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable
 Line item 1099
 Enhanced ‘Over-Budget’ checking
Line Item 1099
You can not specify 1099 tracking by line item.
Over Budget Warning 1
. . .budget availability can be checked
at the time of line item entry. . .
ForAccounts Payable helps ensure that
you know if you are exceeding your
budget when paying your bills. . .
Over Budget Warning 2
. . .You are also alerted when you run the distribution report if your
batch is causing an over budget condition within account(s). . .
Over Budget Warning 3
. . .Of course
you can easily
over-ride this
warning and post
your batch if
you so desire.
. . . And, you are further warned when you
attempt to update/post your batch. . .
 Generic Direct Deposit Processing
Direct Deposit 1
A generic output definition is provided in the Direct Deposit
feature. Normally there is an additional fee assessed to
implement a custom file format. . .
Direct Deposit 2
. . .You have the ability to select either comma delimited or
fixed length record format.
Pricing & General Demo Link
From this demonstration you can see how ForFUND/NP’s 4.0 adds features
that are designed to shorten the time it takes to do your accounting chores.
ForFUND/NP is a complete suite of financial software modules. Modules that
make up ForFUND/NP include:
General Ledger
Grant/Project Management
Cash Receipts
Purchase Orders (with Encumbrance reporting)
Accounts Payable
Bank Reconciliation
Accounts Receivable/Donor Tracking
Fixed Assets
Payroll (optional add-on module)
Click here to see a General Demonstration of ForFUND/NP
for taking the time to review the ForFUND/NP Accounting System.
For our MiraCARE Support clients, the upgrade is free.
If you are not covered under a MiraCARE Support Agreement,
or you are a new customer, please contact call us for pricing at
800-414-FUND (3863)
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