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Presentation 2010
Africa’s first virtually free
Who we are
• Based in Johannesburg, CIDA City Campus is the first virtually free
higher education institution in South Africa, offering tertiary
education to historically disadvantaged youth who would otherwise
have no access to higher education.
• Since its founding in 2000, CIDA has developed an innovative
education model. It offers a fully accredited Bachelor of Business
administration (BBA) degree and various other programmes that aim
at developing business minded graduates who can think creatively,
engage in open dialogue and advance the transformation of the
country and the region as a whole.
• CIDA City Campus is accredited by the Council on Higher Education
(CHE) as a private higher education institution under the Higher
Education Act 1997. Registration Certificate No 2002/HE08/011.
Our vision
A prosperous nation through relevant and
affordable quality education.
Our Mission
• We provide wider access to quality tertiary education to provide
opportunities to more learners who would otherwise have no
prospects of furthering their education.
• We offer a supportive, well-rounded education, including student
involvement in community-upgrade projects, which contributes to
the full development of every learner.
• We develop progressive and creative thinkers.
• We foster good citizenship and harmonious co-existence.
• We contribute to the social and economic development of our
Rationale for CIDA’s Innovative Approach
• Gap in South African education model.
• Limited access to tertiary education by students from previously
disadvantaged backgrounds (low income, under resourced school
communities etc).
• Shortage in entry level business management skills among black
• Stringent entry requirements at traditional universities.
How does CIDA respond to
government strategic priorities
Access to quality education
- Low cost, high impact solution.
- Collaboration: Corporate and overseas universities.
- Affordable education.
- Partnership with business.
- Studies incorporate work experience, e.g. internships, learnerships
and operations.
- Course relevance and intensity: workshop vs lectures.
-Offer access to relevant education.
- Transformative learning approach for good workplace attitude and
Descent jobs
- Social entrepreneurship incubation programme to develop young and
emerging small businesses.
- 82% of CIDA is employed (mostly in Finance and IT sector).
Crime and corruption
- Widening the net of the productive economy.
Rural development
- Philosophy of Ubuntu: community development and sustainability.
CIDA’s approach to improve skills
• Students exchange programmes.
• Professionals from industry and education partners sits in governing
structures of the institution.
Collaborative arrangement with education sector e.g.
• Bournemouth University-developing new academic programmes
in media and communication, tourism and event management.
• Cambridge University Press - improving readership of all kinds of
books by students and academic staff.
• SAP University Alliance - prepare students for employment by
integrating SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
Collaborative arrangement with industry partners e.g.
The ICT Academy: T-Systems, Sun Microsystems, SAP, Cisco,
CompTIA and Dell.
The School of Investments: JP Morgan, JSE, Reuters and SAIFM.
The Branson School of Entrepreneurship: Virgin Group.
CIDA’s Achievements (2008/9)
Thandeka Pertunia Zulu, won the
Goldman Sachs Leadership award and
$3020 in prize money. She has been
chosen as one of six Global Leaders
from South Africa from five universities
across the country
Lucky Madonsela, a final year
student in 2008 received the
Armaband/Arms student of the year
award, which included winning a trip to
the inauguration of President Barack
Obama as US President. Lucky
graduated in 2009 and works at
Charmaine Ntuli: won the MILEAD
Fellowship held in Ghana. She was the
only South African participant out of 23
other participants from universities
around Africa. Charmaine was also
elected President for 2009/2010 by her
Pelani Fetman won 3rd place at the
prestigious Traders Trophy, a
competition run by Oxyor (Holland),
sponsored by Standard Bank and the
JSE. She received R2 500 in an online
share trading account from Standard
Bank with a 1 year free subscription
204 students graduated in July- 2009
The Head of the Branson School of Entrepreneurship at CIDA (Mr. James
Wanjohi) was nominated as a Young Global Leader (YGL) for 2009. This
honour is bestowed by the World Economic Forum each year to recognize
the two hundred most distinguished young leaders below the age of 40 from
around the world.
The ICT Academy was awarded the status of a Regional Academy by
CISCO Systems
Cambridge University Press one of the largest academic publishers in the
world, introduced CIDA Empowerment as a 25.1% shareholder into its South
African business to help fund CIDA City Campus
CIDA City Campus won the Centre for Public Innovation Awards for 2009
“Education is the most powerful weapon which
you can use to change the world”
(Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela)
CIDA City Campus
Presented by:
Simphiwe Vulindlu

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