create your own periodic table of food items

4.07 Periodic Table Lab Activity
Create your own Periodic Table!
What do I need to do?
In this lab activity you will create your own periodic
table of food items.
You will explore the characteristics of twelve
selected food items and organize them by their
 Use the interactive in the lesson to setup and organize
your table.
Getting Started
Procedures: (15 points)
 Select twelve of your favorite food items.
 Examine the characteristics of each item selected.
 Create up to four categories based on the similarities
between each food item. (ex.. dairy, proteins, fatty
foods, breads, etc..)
 Create up to three rows of characteristics based on
the similarities between each food item. (ex…sweet,
salty, soft, hard, etc.)
 Organize your foods as Mendeleev organized the
periodic table. Identify patterns and group the food
items into horizontal and vertical rows and columns.
Use the interactive (see example)
This is an example using
CARS – you will use
Illustrate the chart of foods that you
created in the lesson.
Use word, excel, PowerPoint or even SNAG your interactive page!
Analyze your results
Analysis questions: (15 points)
 What are the general family (column)
characteristics formed in the chart?
 Suggest a reason why some items might not fit
easily into a group.
 Why do you think there is not a periodic table of
compounds? Use evidence to support your
Need help or still have questions?
 Contact your Instructor

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