PRESENTED BY THE Office of Special Events

Planning a
Reasons Behind our Policy
The internal department point person is not
always in attendance at the co-sponsored event
The University is not always named as co-sponsor
in promotional materials
The University Special Events department
conducted a significant amount of benchmarking
and found most universities charge internal
departments a reduced user fee for co-sponsored
Waived fees in Fiscal Year 2010 was $275,00
Fiscal Year 2010 Co-Sponsored
Events- New York Campus
College of Health Professions
School of Ed
Govt Relations
Human Resources
6 5
3 2 1 1 4
1 1 1
Total NY 2010 Co-sponsored
Fiscal Year 2010 Co-Sponsored
Events - Westchester Campus
Provost Office
Office of Admin
Law School
Gov't Relations
Enrollment Management
Total Westchester 2010 Co-sponsored
Scheduling Priorities
When implementing
our new scheduling
system, we worked
with administration to
create a scheduling
priority system.
Academic Classes
University/ School/
College Events
Student and Campus
Activities Events
External Events
The University Special
Events Office, so as to
maximize opportunity and
avoid overtaxing facilities,
resources and staff, will
make every attempt to
distribute events broadly
and reserves the right to
make space
recommendations based
on event type across the
academic year.
Schedule Priorities Described
Priority is granted to scheduled academic classes and then to
annual, all-college events. Example of “college events”
include: endowed lectures and concerts, university-Fest,
student Orientation, Open House, Student Conversion Events
and Commencement. Those events that may occur only once,
such as a building dedication, will also receive scheduling
One-time academic events aligned with the academic mission
of the University will receive the next highest priority.
Established collaborations will be given the next priority, and
renewed on an annual basis.
What is a Co-sponsored
A co-sponsored event is an academic program, conference,
retreat and/or meeting involving two entities: a Pace
University entity (academic department, administrative unit,
approved student organization) and an outside organization.
The sponsorship and the responsibility for the event are
shared between the University unit and the external
organization. The sponsoring internal University until must
actively participate in the planning process of the event and a
representative(s) of such internal University Unit must be
present at the event.
Criteria for Hosting a
Co-Sponsored Event
Your event request must have one or more of the following
Event will promote Pace to perspective students to increase
student enrollment
Event showcases the innovative distinct strengths and
distinguished programs of Pace
Event enhances Pace’s visibility and reputation. The event
should promote Pace both within and outside the New York
metropolitan area
Event will build strategic partnerships and enhances
relationships in order to cultivate potential donors to meet the
University mission for philanthropic goals.
Event builds relationships with government and/or nongovernmental agencies in New York City, Westchester or on the
federal level
New Policies for
Co-Sponsored Events
The external organization will received Pace space at a 70%
discount off the current room rental
Currently any outside entity reserving event space at the
University is charged between $300- $30,000 for their event.
When requesting your event you now must submit your
request via the online form,
For more information please visit our website at
Co-Sponsored Event
Please note that prior to submitting your online
application you should speak with your Dean/VP
regarding the possibility of hosting your event at the
The Event requester from the internal University
unit completes the online co-sponsored application.
Once the co-sponsored application submitted, the
application will be electronically routed to the
relevant authorized University official (Dean/ Vice
President) for review and approval.
My Event was approved…
Now what?
Automated notification will be sent by electronically to the
internal University unit.
Upon receipt the internal point person will initiate the space
request, via the University’s Webviewer
( R25 scheduler will review the
space request via the Webviewer and inform the requester if
space is available
The Office of Special Events will liaise with the internal
University unit to obtain the required information (including
facilities, education media, food service, security)
The Office of Special Events will prepare the appropriate cosponsored event agreement and confirmation letter
My event was Declined…What are
my options now?
An automatic notification will be emailed to the internal
point person.
The internal point person will contact the external
organization and inform them that the event will be
treated as an external client of the University
The internal University unit notifies [email protected] of the external client’s
decision whether to proceed
If the external client wants to proceed, the co-sponsored
event coordinator will route the information to Kristen
Vinciguerra, Associate Director of Special Events
What are my Responsibilities as a
Co-Sponsoring Department?
Request space via the
Webviewer, once the event
has been approved
Act as the liaison between
external organization and
University’s Office of Special
Provide the name of the
internal University unit
representative who will be the
liaison with the external
Contact Pace University
Admissions if event
participants are potential
University recruits
Provide budget index code
the OSE for any internal fees
not paid by the external
Identify who will be charged
for the internal service fee
applicable to the event
ide OSE the external organization’s tax exempt number form, if applicable
What are the Office of Special
Events’ responsibilities?
Approve requested space once relevant authorized
University official and provide copy of confirmation to
the internal point person
Provide instruction to all service groups pertaining to
event needs based on hosting department directives
Prepare confirmation letter of all requirements to
external organization including all expected charges for
services provided
Oversee all administrative activities relative to the use of
University space resources
Bill external organization after the event for Universityprovided services for which payment was not received
prior to the event
What are the responsibilities of the the
External Organization?
Provide University with its contact information
Provide internal University unit with all pertinent information required
to facilitate the event
Sign and return the “Co-Sponsored Agreement” to the internal
University unit and provide the internal University unit a certificate of
liability insurance
Submit payment for 30% of the total user fee to the Office of Special
Events and submit payment for service department to the Office of
Special Events for charges required for the event with payment no
later that 3 days prior to the event if applicable
Cover any unexpected service department fee within 45 days of
Filling out the Co-Sponsored
The application is available at
You will need your portal user name and password
to fill out the application
Once logged into the system you will have a series
of questions pertaining to the event to fill out.
Please fill these out with as much detail as you can.
Co-Sponsored Event Proposal
Please provide your co-sponsored event proposal
including the contribution of each co-sponsor in
presenting the event and identify specific
contributions of this event to the University.
The following are the questions you will be asked:
Purpose of Event
Event Description
The University contribution to the event
Explain in detail the ways in which this co-sponsored
event benefit the University
Additional Information
Needed for the Application
Will the event be open to the public?
Will there be a speaker(s) from Pace University in
the program? If so who will be speaking?
Will this event be recurring relationship?
Will there be external marketing/advertising?
Will there be internal advertising & marketing
Determine the following with
External Organization
Determine who will be responsible for
the following:
Lackmann (Catering) Charges
Buildings& Grounds Charges
Security Charges
Educational Media Charges
Important information to keep
in mind
Any internal charges billed to the external organization and not paid will be
charges back to the co-sponsoring internal University Unit. You will need to
provide your index code for proper processing.
Internal University unit must work with Office of Special Events and with University
Marketing and Communications Department on a communication/marketing plan
to promote event.
If Pace University’s name will be used on external promotional materials (press
release, advertisements, brochures, etc.), it must be approved by University
Relations. Contact Christopher Cory, at 212-346-1177, for all press releases and
media and Andrea Marais, at 212-346-1347, for all internal advertising, brochures,
If you are working with a government agency, or elected official, you must,
OFFICIAL TO THE SCHEDULE THE EVENT, contact the Office of Government
and Community Relations to notify the of this event. Contact Eric Morrisey, at 212346-1613
Proposed co-sponsored events not approved by the relevant University Dean or
Vice President will be deemed an external client and all applicable University fees
and charges will be incurred.

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