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LaWanda Woods, M.Ed., B.A.
On-Ramp Program Coordinator
On-Ramp Program 2010
Workshop Objective
To provide students with
Ten Time Saving Tips to
Speed Up Your Job
On-Ramp Program 2010
#1: The “Be Prepared” Toolkit
 Email Address
 Instant Message
 Acronyms
 Answering Machine or Voicemail
 Resume Paper
 Resume Content
 Contact Organizer
 Keeping Track
 Appropriate Attire
On-Ramp Program 2010
Email Address & IM Screen
Make sure your email address is appropriate for Business use.
Appropriate Email Address
[email protected]
Inappropriate Email Address
[email protected]
On-Ramp Program 2010
Don’t use acronyms like “u” for
you or “TTYL” for talk to you later,
when communicating by email.
It’s not professional.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Answering Machine or
If you have a
message the
caller might
decide not to
leave a
On-Ramp Program 2010
Resume Paper
When sending paper
resumes and cover
letters, use good quality
paper in a traditional
color. White or beige is
On-Ramp Program 2010
Resume Content
Your resume needs
to include contact
information as well
as work history and
PROOF your resume
to verify the phone
number, email
address and other
information is
On-Ramp Program 2010
Contact Organizer
• Set up a directory on your
hard drive for job searching.
Include copies of all the
cover letters you send.
• Set up a folder for job
searching in your email
• Use appointment book,
notebook, or online
organizer to keep track of
interviews & follow-up
On-Ramp Program 2010
Keeping Track
Maybe “Old
Fashion” but,
if writing
everything down
in a notebook
works for you –
On-Ramp Program 2010
Appropriate Attire
Add a conservative business suit,
traditional shirt or blouse and
moderate shoes to your toolkit.
On-Ramp Program 2010
#2: Be More Than Prepared
Always have an up-to-date
resume ready to send – even
if you’re not currently
looking for work. You never
know when an opportunity
that is too good to pass up
might come along!
On-Ramp Program 2010
#3: Don’t Wait
If you are laid-off, file for
unemployment benefits right away.
On-Ramp Program 2010
#4: Get Help
Virginia Education Wizard
On-Ramp Program 2010
#5: Create Your Own Template
Have copies of your
resume and cover letter
ready to edit. That way you
can change the content to
match the requirements of
the job you’re applying for,
but, the contact
information and your
opening and closing
paragraphs won’t need to
be changed.
On-Ramp Program 2010
#6: Use Job Search Engines
Use Job Search Engine sites to search the major job
banks, company sites, associations, and other site
with job postings for you.
On-Ramp Program 2010
#7: Jobs By Email
Let the jobs come to you! Use job search agents to
sign up and receive job listings by email.
On-Ramp Program 2010
#8 Applying For A Job By Email
You don’t always get to apply for a
job in person. Job postings often
ask you for an email application.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Type the name of the job posting in the subject line. For
instance, if you are applying for a chemical engineering job,
type "chemical engineer" in the subject line.Your email will
stand out as the employer scans his inbox.
Chemical Engineer
On-Ramp Program 2010
Begin with a professional salutation. If you know the
name of the person you are emailing, use that; or begin
with "Dear Sir or Madam."
On-Ramp Program 2010
Place your cover letter in the body of the e-mail. Make it short and
to the point--two or three sentences that highlight your
accomplishments and strengths.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Sign the email with a signature that includes all of your contact information: your
homeand mobile phone numbers, home address and email address.
Cynthia Smith
639 Finmore Road
Chester, VA 23831
[email protected]
On-Ramp Program 2010
Read through the entire email to look for errors. Do
not trust spell checking to make sure that your
grammar and spelling are correct. Be sure you've
used the professional tone a job application
Attach your resume to the email. Note that the
resume is attached in the body of the email so the
prospective employer doesn't miss it. A simple line
such as "Please see resume, attached." will suffice.
On-Ramp Program 2010
New Military Job Search
On-Ramp Program 2010
Widgets, Gadgets & Tools
On-Ramp Program 2010
#9: Time Savers
Resume posting services will post your resume to
multiple job sites at once which can save you a lot of
On-Ramp Program 2010
Networking Sites
LinkedIn is the top site for professional
networking. Everyone who is job searching
or building their career should have a
presence on Linked in. Here are tips on
how to get started on LinkedIn and to use
it to network your way to a new job.
Facebook is not only great for
connecting with family and friends;
it can also be used for job searching
and networking. See how it's done.
On-Ramp Program 2010
#10: Reference Ready
Have a list of three reference including the name,
job title, company, phone number and email address
ready to give to interviewers.
Ms. Jill Scott, Bookkeeper
ReDial Corporation
(804) 999-4522
[email protected]
Mr. Clyde Jones, VP Audit
Bank of Tyler
(540) 222-5687
[email protected]
Mrs. Ethel Past, Account Manager
(804) 452-8922
[email protected]
On-Ramp Program 2010
#11: Use Your Network
A lot of jobs are NOT advertised. Tell everyone you
know that you are looking for work. Ask if they can
On-Ramp Program 2010

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