The Power of an Effective Network

The Power of an
Effective Network
Presented by Farah F. Jadran
2013 New York State ACE Women’s Network Annual Conference
Your network is unique.
 What makes an effective network?
 You are the cause to your own success.
 Different objectives mean different approaches
 Needs
 Goals
Back to the basics
 Public speaking and oral communication are two of
the most sought after skills in all careers.
 Your ability to write is a prime tool.
 Written.
 Typed.
The traditional network
 Your alma mater
 Circles of interest
 Colleagues
 Networking groups
The “new” network
Going virtual
 Social media
 Blogging
 Video
Staying Connected
Social media
Sharing knowledge
Celebrating success
Social Media
What are your options?
When can I stop networking?
Connecting others & referrals.
What causes would you like to support?
Participating in charity events
Engaging others
Serving on a Board of Directors
Sharing knowledge
 Your knowledge and experiences are valuable.
 Serve on a panel.
 Public speaking and seminars.
 Be a credible source.
Celebrating success
 Highlight your accomplishments, but also
celebrate the success of your colleagues.
 How can I spread the good news?
 Personal newsletter
 Blog about it
 Media outlets
Setting your goals
Benefitting from the network you created
Being successful
Connect with me…
Farah F. Jadran
Adjunct Professor, SUNY Oswego
Managing Editor, Syracuse Woman Magazine
Associate Editor, Syracuse Parent Magazine
 2501 James St., Suite 100, Syracuse NY 13206
[email protected]
[email protected]
Twitter: @FarahJadran
Pinterest: Farah Jadran
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And connect with your colleagues!
Start a network today.
Expand your existing network today.
Enjoy the benefits of your network!
2013 New York State ACE Women’s Network Annual Conference

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