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Nudging customers
in an Omni-channel
Tracey Elliott, Project Manager
Jonathan Creaser, Head of ICT
Who we are
• The RHP Group is made up of two registered social
landlords – parent association RHP, and Co-op
Homes, based in Teddington.
• We own and manage over 10,000 properties in
South West London.
• We are focused on providing excellent customer
Awarded Employer of the Year at the
European Call Centre & Customer Service Awards 2013.
Best Companies and The Sunday Times
celebrate the best workplaces in the UK.
RHP was voted No.5 in 2012.
RHP has been awarded the Investors in People (IIP) Gold accreditation,
meaning we are in the top 1% of the 25,000 companies who have IIP
Our customers and their future housing needs #1
• Part of strategic review
 Demand for re-housing, including type of
housing required from existing customers.
 Levels of under-occupation and over-crowding.
 Income/benefit levels of customers.
 Assessment of how much existing customers can
afford to pay for housing.
 Identification of the main housing issues and
concerns of current customers.
Our customers and their future housing needs #2
• The simple story
 Demand for affordable housing continues to
exceed demand.
 Over 400 children will turn 18 in next 5 years.
 23 households were identified as seriously over
 450 households affected by the ‘bedroom tax’.
 1 in 3 households do not have anyone in
Our customers and their future housing needs #3
 61% of our tenants receive full or partial HB.
 The majority of our tenants will never be able to
afford to move out of social housing.
 1 in 5 customers are currently in rent arrears.
 1 in 10 customers do not have a bank account.
Our customers and their future housing needs #4
• Four key themes
 Condition of property.
 Quality of caretaking and grounds
 Living safely.
 Concern about not being able to afford homes
with planned benefit changes.
Our customers and their future housing needs #5
• Changing landscape
 Relationship with customers.
 Communication with customers.
 Reliance on digital channels as a method of
 Requirement for technology skills.
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The self-service platform #1
• Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
 Simplify – simplify and standardise our processes
for contact management, ensuring a consistent
outcome every time for all our customers.
 Improve – replace our out-dated contact
management and case management system to
enhance customer service delivery and improve
the experience of our customers as well as give
ourselves the right tools to do the job more
 Accomplish – be customer and industry
recognised for customer service excellence.
The self-service platform #2
Our self-service journey
Payments, rent statement, logging of complaints and
View repairs and complaints history.
Repairs booking.
Homechoice - Choice based lettings, Fire risk
assessments, Gas servicing booking.
My Home Online - view of what’s happening in next 5
Website refresh.
Video #2
Making RHP easy to do business with #1
• Our 5 year corporate strategy
 Omnichannel is inextricably linked to our
 To be the best service provider in the UK means
being easy to do business with.
Making RHP easy to do business with #2
Making RHP easy to do business with #3
 Currently we receive a lot of contact that is of
no value to our customers and no value to our
 Inefficiency is the biggest reason for
preventable, valueless contact.
 We need to first ensure our existing systems are
easy to use in order to successfully reduce
inefficient contact.
 Customer behaviour and expectations are
shifting to digital first for transactional contact.
 Webchat and Mobile apps are growing
channels for customer service.
Making RHP easy to do business with #4
 Offering alternative contact channels would
provide customers more choice and
 Mobile internet channels best suit our customers’
preferences and access.
 Many businesses are seeing significant savings
by shifting to online self-service.
 By shifting transactional contact to online RHP
could reduce staffing costs and increase time to
handle valuable contact.
Making RHP easy to do business with #5
One-point data entry and view is
multi-use and accessible to all
employees and customers
Customers only give us information once;
employees record and view all information in
one place .
We’re consistently trusted and
seamless across all channels
We proactively eliminate valueless
Our tone of voice, service style, and process
efficiency is consistent across the end-to-end
customer experience.
We identify contact causes that are of no value
to our customers or RHP and take proactive
action to eliminate these .
Our preferred channel is also our
customers’ preferred channel
Customers benefit from the channel we nudge
them to, and they understand why we’ve done
Our default offering is self-service
for transactional contacts. We will
offer personal service for complex
Complex issues are those where an investment,
decision process or policy is needed.
We’re constantly building
relationships with our customers
We’re always using the information we gain
about our customers to tailor their experiences
to suit them.
Making RHP easy to do business with #6
• Challenges
 e-first mentality (converting employees and
customers to digital).
 Getting more customers online.
 We answer the phone very quickly! Why go
 Developing social media.
 Big investment and having the resources to build
the platforms and put together the content – for
instance, Video.
 Rapidly changing landscape.
 External environment – Universal Credit.
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