The School Level Committee

The School Level Committee
The Central Parity Committee
Role and
Where do these committees
come from?
Created in the last negotiated agreement
signed in April 2006
The goal is to create mechanisms for
The purpose is to get help to children
who need it quickly
Composition of School level
The principal
Teachers elected by the staff
Three or four teachers depending on
size of school
The resource teacher may be elected
Preparation work
To examine the plan for groupings
made by the principal
To accept it or recommend changes
To identify the resources needed to
support students with difficulties and
their teachers
Initial meeting- Mandate
The school level committee must aim
to develop a plan that will create
equitable workloads for all
Distribute resources in a fair manner
Develop a list of guidelines or
Presenting to the staff
The local school committee presents
and explains the plan to the staff
The teachers will vote on the plan
A majority vote is required to support
the plan
What to do if plan is rejected?
If the plan is rejected the school level
committee must develop a new plan
If the plan is rejected a second time it
will be up to the Central Parity
Committee to decide on a plan
Where is the plan received?
Every school submits their plan to the
Central Parity Committee
The resources allocated are distributed
Procedures for the school to access
services quickly for students are
Report to the Central Parity
Committee on the use made of the
allocated resources
Central Parity Committee
Composition: Equal number of School
Board and Union representation
At LBPSB: Directors of Human
Resources & Student Services, Sector
Director, President of PTU, Executive
Assistant at PTU, teacher
The Role of Central parity
To advise the school board concerning
its special education policy
To make recommendations about the
services provided to students with
special needs
To develop criteria for allocating the
resources to the schools in keeping
with the special education policy
Its role – cont’
To analyze the requests from schools
based on the allocation criteria
To allocate resources to schools

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