Plastic bag Pollution

Plastic bag Pollution
LSEC N101- Academic Communication
Presented by : Mohammed Ali H00158841
The causes
The consequences
Possible solution
Opinion/ method
What is plastic bag?
• Type of flexible packaging
• It made of :
Thin, flexible, plastics film.
• Plastic bags are used for:
Containing goods
Transporting goods
How are plastic products used?
Causes of this problem
• Waste of households, shops, etc.
• Improper garbage system
of the area
• Lack of proper knowledge
about the effects.
• Lack of social responsibility
and ownership.
• It cost more to recycle
• Plastic bags pollute
beaches & oceans.
• Plastic bags litter the
• Plastic bags kill animals.
• Plastic bags effect on
human health.
• Plastic bags are non-biodegradable.
Possible solutions
• Stop plastic bags, be part of solution
• Outright ban on their distribution.
• Voluntary programs to
reduce using them.
• “Plastaxes” or fees to the
retail distribution of them.
• Increase recycling.
Best method to reduce it
• A bag tax more preferable alternative than a
• A ban on plastic bag creates:
A hidden tax to consumers
• A bag tax, in contrast:
Affect only consumers who use plastic bags
• Plastic bags are causing the environmental
• Everyone should be involved
including government .
• We are making our planet in danger.
• Its time to change
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