PowerPoint Presentation on Smart Tweezers and Service

Authorized Distributor & Only Service Center in India
We sell and repair Smart Tweezers
• INDE Enterprises is the first
authorized distributors for
Smart Tweezers in India
since 2005.
• INDE Enterprises is the only
authorized Service Center
for Smart Tweezers in India.
• We have our presence
throughout India with our
offices in Chandigarh,
Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore
Evolution of Smart Tweezers
Started with Earlier Bulky Multimeters
Analogue Multimeters
Digital Multimeter
First Commercial Smart Tweezers ST-AE
Smart Tweezers ST-5R
Smart Tweezers ST-5S
Smart Tweezers Colibri
Advantages of Smart Tweezers
• With just a single touch it can diagnose and indentify a
defective component.
• It is an ideal testing and
debugging tool for Complex
ultra miniaturized SMD
• It can check R-C-L-Z with just
a single touch.
It can identify SMD components at lightning speed.
It is very handy and fits your palm with ease.
Very long battery life with recharging option.
Very clear OLED display for better visibility.
Models available for Sale
• Smart Tweezers ST-5S
• Smart Tweezers Colibri
• Models ST-AE, ST-5R, ST-5
have been discontinued by
the manufacturers. All types
of Spares and Repair Works
are carried out by India’s
only authorized service
center INDE Enterprises.
Buy Smart Tweezers at Lowest Price
Head Office:
#745, Sector 8-B, Chandigarh 160009, India
Mobile: 9316134502
Phone: 0172-4614415
Mobile: 09343796896
New Delhi:
Mobile: 09810878255
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.smarttweezers.co.in

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