Printed output is referred to as a (an):

What is a PC and what does it
stand for?
 It
stands for Personal Computer.
 Refers to a personal computer that
uses a Microsoft operating system.
 Although a Macintosh is a personal
computer, we call it a “Mac” not a
“PC”. A Mac (Apple) uses a
Macintosh operating system.
What is the definition of a
two or more computers connected
together using communications equipment.
What is the definition of a
a computer that request data from a
A computer that answers
request from client
computers is called a ___.
 server
When you check your email,
your email is sent from a
 server
(referred to as a mail server)
Software and hardware used to
block unauthorized users from
accessing a network is called
A firewall
What does an Operating
System do?
 Manages
the basic operations of the
 A set of programs that manages the
interaction between hardware and
 In order to run other programs, the OS
loads these programs into memory.
What are some Operating
What is Office 2007? (Does this
refer to an Operating System?)
Office 2007 refers to a suite of programs,
not an operating system.
 A program in Office 2007 (such as
Microsoft Word) would run on top of an
operating system (such as Vista, Windows
XP -- to name a few).
The memory sizes in order from
smallest to largest are
Bit (b)
 Byte (B)
 Kilobyte (KB)
 Megabyte (MB)
 Gigabyte (GB)
 Terabyte (TB)
 Petabyte (PB)
 Exabyte (EB)
A Kilobyte is ____?
210 Bytes
210 Bytes is approximately _____ Bytes?
Can you recall the others
storages sizes?
A Megabyte is ____ and is approx. ____?
 A Gigabyte is ____ and is approx. ____?
 A Terabyte is ____ and is approx. ____?
 A Petabyte is ____ and is approx. ____?
 An Exabyte is ____ and is approx. ____?
Processor speeds are measured in
MHz – megahertz – million cycles per
 GHz – gigahertz – billion cycles per
 MIPS – Millions of Instructions Per
 FLOPS - Floating-point Operations Per
The two main categories of a
computer system are ?
 Software
What is a program?
A list of instructions that a computer
follows in order to carry out a task.
 Also called “software”.
What is another word for
 executable file
What is hardware?
All the machinery and equipment in a computer
What is RAM?
Computer circuitry that temporarily holds
programs and data waiting to be processed and
data after it has been processed
What are some other names for
RAM that you may hear people
Primary storage
Primary memory
Temporary storage
RAM stand for ____?
Random Access Memory
What is a web browser
(or just Browser) ?
software that enables a user to view web
What is the World Wide Web?
One use of the Internet referring to those
things dealing with web pages – web
servers and html documents (web pages
A web page is stored on a ?
server (referred to as a web server)
What is the Internet?
A global network of networks.
What does ‘upload’ mean?
to transfer a file from a local computer to a
remote computer
What does ‘download’ mean?
to transfer a file from a remote computer to a
local computer
If you tend to have a lot of
programs up and running
simultaneously, you will need a lot
of ____ .
memory (RAM)
If you have a lot of large files
(music, videos, pictures etc.) to
store, you will need a lot of ____.
secondary storage (hard disk space)
What is the new optical disk?
Blu-ray (BD)
Uses a blue-violet laser
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