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English Author: Arthur Conan Doyle.
Arthur Conan Doyle was born on
22(nd) May 1859 in
Edinburgh,Scotland.He was a Scottish
physician and writer who is most
noted for his fictional stories about
the detective Sherlock Holmes, which
are generally considered milestones
in the field of crime fiction. He is also
known for writing the fictional
adventures of a second character he
invented, Professor Challenger, and
for popularising the mystery of the
Mary Celeste.He was a prolific writer
whose other works include fantasy
and science fiction stories, plays,
romances, poetry, non-fiction, and
historical novels.
Life and career.
His father,Charles Altamont
Doyle, was born in
England,and his
mother,Mary, was Irish
Catholic.In 1864 the family
dispersed due to Charles's
growing alcoholism and the
children were temporarily
housed across Edinburgh.
In 1867, the family came
together again and lived in
squalid tenement flats at 3
Sciennes Place.In 1879 he
composed his first novels,
The Mystery of Cloomber,
not published until 1888,
and the unfinished
Narrative of John Smith,
which would go
unpublished until 2011.
The brilliant Dottor Bell,whose
cold personality scientific
method and deductive
abilities inspired Sherlock
Holmes' character,so it has a
link with the medical thriller.
The whole life of Doyle is a
long series of hard-fought
crusades of which
spiritualism was only the
last.He opened a medical
practice that had limited
success,it was in that period
that Doyle began to write the
adventures of Sherlock
Holmes which began to have
success among the British
public. The first novel about
the detective Sherlock
Holmes was 'A study in
Scarlet' in which the narrator
is Dr. Watson that in a sense is
the author himself.In 1885
Doyle married Louisa
Hawkins, the sister of one of
his patients.She suffered
from tuberculosis and died on
4 July 1906.The following year
he married Jean Elizabeth
Leckie. He died of a heart
attack at the age of 71.
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