Detention 4 Detention

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Everyone has the right
"I miss my country, the sunshine of my country, its soil, my friends, my [family], the way of life and
its incredible simplicity." Habib Souaidia, 2006
Territory size shows the global proportion of
refugees and internally displaced persons living
The image above was drawn by a boy named
Arrih in detention on Manus Island,
accompanied by the words “My mother is crying
and I am sad”.
are dated 30 June 2014
latest statistics
Concerns to UNHCR
deteriorating mental health
health and hygiene issues
suitable playing
Detention 4 Detention- What is it?
ERA for Change seeks to again draw the attention of our schools
and wider communities to the plight of people seeking asylum,
particularly children.
Together we would like to see the end of children being kept in
detention indefinitely.
We see this practice as being in stark contrast to the Gospel
message of welcoming the stranger.
Detention 4 Detention- When is it?
A NATIONAL Edmund Rice student event, “Detention for
Detention” IS ON Friday October the 17th.
Detention 4 Detention- How will we do
* A very simple event- students voluntarily give themselves
one lunchtime detention as an act of solidarity with the
many children still being kept in detention under current
government policy.
* Sitting or standing in silence for a short period of time
• Students will have material tied around the mouths of
people participating and/or hands tied behind their back
to represent the lack of voice and the vulnerability of
these people.
Detention 4 Detention- Where will we
hold it?

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