Fairy-tale Logic by A.E Stallings

Fairy-tale Logic
by A.E Stallings
Presented by Randy Mccon
Fairy-tale Logic
Fairy tales are full of impossible tasks:
Gather the chin hairs of a maneating goat,
Or cross a sulphuric lake in a leaky
Select the prince from a row of
identical masks,
Tiptoe up to a dragon where it basks
And snatch its bone; count dust
specks, mote by mote,
Or learn the phone directory by
Always it’s impossible what someone
You have to fight magic with magic.
You have to believe
That you have something impossible
up your sleeve,
The language of snakes, perhaps,
an invisible cloak,
An army of ants at your beck, or a
lethal joke,
The will to do whatever must be
Marry a monster. Hand over your
firstborn son.
What is the poem about ?
lady who has disbelief in fairytales , and
talks about how fake they are .
Who is the speaker ?
 The
gender is not specific.
 I can make a guess that the speaker is a
woman because girls grow up listening
and liking fairytales more than boys.
What is the
That fairytales are all lies
and made up , and they
also present unlikely
What is the purpose of this
poem ?
-To be sarcastic and make fun of fairytales
Choose at least three
unknown words and define
them here
 Sulphuric
- powerful acid
 Basks – To enjoy sitting or lying in the heat
of the sun or a fire
 Lethal – Causing death , or able to cause
How did the
title connect
to the content
of the poem ?
It talks about Fairy tales and
how they are made up
and absurd.
What questions did you have
when you first analyzed and t4
the poem ?
 Was
the poet trying to be funny ?
In a way she’s trying to be funny by making
fun of fairytales.
 Was the poet being sarcastic ?
She’s being sarcastic because she lists all
the absurd things that happens in fairytales.
 What does the poet have against Fairytales ?
Maybe she grew up not likeing fairytales.
-I chose this image because it
looks like a fairytale book and the
poem is about fairytales.
- The image shows a castle and a
newborn, which are both
mentioned in the poem.
-The book says “Once upon a
time, far, far away” which is the
way most fairytales start. The
movie Shrek starts like this
because the entire movie makes
fun of fairytales, just like the
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bem
 I chose this song because it is called
“Fairytales” and it is used in the movie
Shrek, which is a movie that makes fun of
fairytales, just like the poem does.

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