Developing Performance Indicators

This video is the fourth in a series of five videos created to support
the understanding of SLOs. The Developing Performance Indicators
video refers to the Section of the SLO Template titled Performance
Indicators and will address the following:
• Definition of Performance Indicators
• Development of Performance Targets for each Performance
• Clarification of the three optional components of this section
The documents that support this video are located on the WPAIUCC
SLO Moodle.
• Defining Performance Targets
Articulate the targets you wish your students to reach on
the performance measures you identified in Section 4 of
the template.
Students will earn 80% or higher on the 3rd nine weeks
district 8th grade math assessment
Students will earn 30 more percentage points on the 4th
grade Language Arts post-assessment than they did on
the pre-assessment – OR – earn at least 85%.
Students will be proficient on the chemistry lab project
These describe how well you expect each student to
score on each Performance Measure (assessment)
listed in Section 4.
Students will earn a score of proficient on the portfolio project rubric.
Students will earn 80% or higher on the Language Arts final exam
Students will improve at least one performance level on the Writing post
assessment from the pre-assessment.
These performance targets would be used in
the event there is a focused student group used
within an SLO
Students will improve at least two performance levels on the ESL
Diagnostic Assessment
ELL Students
This block
allows a
teacher to
weights to
Performance measures
that a student is required
to be proficient on before
taking another
performance measure
Students must reach
Target 1 before
attempting Target 2
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