Describe how the entire staff in the building have

Our SIT is comprised of seven staff members who
represent all levels within our school. Additionally,
we have two East parents as members of our team as
well as three school board members who have been
invited to participate in our meetings. The third
Thursday of each month is reserved for our team
meeting, but we also meet informally and more
frequently as needed. The team attends MiBLSi
•We discovered that our students needed
more help in Math than in Reading. This led
us to tweak our School improvement plan to
provide more RTI assistance in Math without
eliminating our intentional RTI reading plan.
•Our work with data continues as we analyze
the concepts our students are having issues
with and address these areas in our
curriculum before the test cycle.
•Our “School Families” continue to experience success building
community and promoting positive character seven years after we
first started them. Former students visit to see their families during
the Thanksgiving Feast.
•Tier l of our MiBLSi Positive Behavior Program has been
successfully implemented.
•Our Reading Nights have been a total success with a large staff,
student, and family attendance.
•Our Student Council has enjoyed a wonderful year with many
events from a morning TV show to various committees that perform
charitable activities.
Points of Pride
• Technology Integration Prototype Classroom
and ipad training
• RTI (Response to Intervention), DIBELS, grade
level planning, LLI interventions.
• Kids Hope – Four churches provide
mentor/tutors for 80 students.
• Step Program – Middle school after school
academic tutors at Fourteen Street Christian
Reform Church
Points of Pride
• “Be Nice” campaign (an anti bullying program
for 4th and 5th graders)
• Miles of Smiles – A visiting dentist office from
the health department.
• Our Social Activism Committee has kept the
local Community Action House stocked and
taught our kids kindness in the process.
Points of Pride
• Our Disability Awareness Committee
continues to successfully work with our
general population to build understanding.
• Our School Beautification Committee creates
an inviting climate and promotes
• Our March is Reading Month Committee
promotes/celebrates reading. They are used
as a resource to extend content knowledge
with students and families.
Points of Pride
• For the past two years, two teachers from East and a teacher from
Holland Heights have volunteered to lead students from across the
district to participate in Math Pentathlon. Held at East, Math
Pentathlon is a mathematics club designed to strengthen math skills
by way of hands-on learning games.
• For the past four years, one teacher from East and an assistant have
run a voluntary after school reading club for grades 3-7. The reading
club starts with a lesson or a read aloud and then offers students 50
minutes of uninterrupted reading time.
• Another teacher runs a knitting club for her fourth grade students
one day a week.
• We also have staff and parents who lead East’s, Girls on the Run.
• Prior to making a decision about how we could spend
our Title funds, our SIT met to talk about how we had
spent funds in the past and to discuss what
interventions and pieces were currently working.
• We also explored where we felt we still had needs for
academic intervention.
• Our team members then met with their respective
grade level colleagues to share our conversation and
get their suggestions and feedback.
As a result of these conversations, our SIT and staff
chose to use our funds in the following ways:
We are providing training and support by the
means of a series of professional staff development
in-services in one of our very successful reading
interventions, LLI.
We are acquiring the materials to implement LLI.
We are purchasing more books for our book room.
We are buying the hardware necessary to assist
with RTI.
•Summer school for our Title l students going into
the first, second, and third grades.
•MEAP item analysis review.
•MEAP gap analysis
•Planning for next year with our new technology
•Planning for next year with our new assessment
We would tell you how we married our
FISH philosophy, and “School Families”
with our MiBLSi training.
We kept the same language students and
staff were familiar with as we continue to
improve and grow.

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