RAISE: Reading Apprenticeship Improving Secondary Education

RAISE: Reading Apprenticeship
Improving Secondary Education
An Update on RAISE, PA LIRA 2013, and
Sustainability for PA
 Applications will be sent out the week following
Thanksgiving and due December 23, 2012
 We will be accepting 60 ELA, 30 History and 30
Science teachers
 Stipend will be $500 and all expenses paid: travel,
lodging, and meals
 Teachers receive 10 days of Reading Apprenticeship
training at NO COST: Estimated value is $3000 (does
not include stipend)
 Dates:
 July 29-August 2, 2013
 February 10-11, 2014
 July 22-24, 2014
 Location: PaTTAN Harrisburg
 Teachers commit to attending all 10 days of training
 Teachers commit to meeting once a month
 School principal attends at least two days of the
summer RAISE training and/or participates in the
Reading Apprenticeship online course for
 Teachers and principal participate in three annual
surveys (each takes approx. 20 min to complete)
Application Process
 Will first contact our schools who have teams
participating in RAISE Cohorts I and II
 Will then contact those schools who have teams
participating in either RAISE Cohort I or II
 Will then contact those schools who applied last year
but were not accepted
 Will then open up the applications to any school in PA
Support for Teacher Leaders
 Meet three times a year at PaTTAN and at Beaver
Intermediate Unit
 NO COST to teacher leader or to district
 Purpose of Meetings:
 Network and learn from each other
 Learn new tools to effectively facilitate monthly
 Deepen understanding of Reading Apprenticeship and
refine routines and strategies
Support for Administrators
 Reading Apprenticeship Online Course for
 30 PILs hours
 Currently have a maximum of 20 RAISE administrators
 Running two courses simultaneously – one with MI
administrators and one with PA, CA, UT administrators
Ongoing Support for IU Educators
and PA Schools
Tentative dates: Sept. 30 – Oct. 4, 2013
Location: TBD in Western PA
Winter Conference Tentative Dates: Feb. 26-28, 2014
Cost: $2500 and includes breakfast, lunch, and materials
Limited to 40 participants
Sustainability and PA IU’s
 How do we continue to support our RAISE schools?
 Reading Apprenticeship “Retreats”
 Held at IU’s – can work in partnership and hold regional
 Facilitated by LIRA/RAISE trained IU staff and could
include district teachers who completed the CIT
Reading Apprenticeship Retreat
Task Force
 Looking to form a Task Force with
representation from the eastern, central
and western parts of the state – ideally
two from each region.
Purpose of Task Force
 Task Force would:
Clarify purpose of “retreat”
Identify best time of year
Recommend number of days
Determine the costs
Craft communications
Draft agendas
Proposed Meeting Dates
for Task Force
 Jan. 17 (dinner meeting)
 February 21 (via Elluminate)
 March 13 or 14 (if necessary)
 See Amaal Awadalla if interested in participating!
 Susan Kinney
 484.547.8862
 [email protected]

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