Definition of Measles Outbreak

The Prime Minister of Pakistan launching NIDs
Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV)
• Protect against poliomyelitis
• 4 doses (1st dose soon after
birth and then at 6, 10 and 14
• 2 drops for each dose orally
• Supplied as liquid vaccine in
vial with separate dropper
• Dropper to be attached with
the vial for vaccine
administration and its cap
should be kept closed when
not in use
Patient at Health Facility
Case Definition - Suspected Measles
• Any person with generalized maculo-papular
rash plus fever plus one of the following:
– cough or
– coryza (runny nose) or
– conjunctivitis (red eyes)
• Any person whom a clinician suspects has
Definition of Measles Outbreak
• More than 5 suspected measles cases
including at least one laboratory confirmed
measles case in the identified area during the
recall period of 30 days prior to investigation.
WHO Recommended Vitamin A Schedule for Measles
On the Spot
Next Day Dose
< 6 months
50,000 IU
50,000 IU
6-11 months
100,000 IU
100,000 IU
>= 12 months
200,000 IU
200,000 IU
Tetanus Toxoid (TT)
Tetanus toxoid is an active immunizing
agent prepared from detoxified tetanus
toxin that produces an antigenic
response in the body, conferring
permanent immunity to tetanus
The Immunization Schedule for Woman of Child Bearing
TT 1
At first contact
TT 2
At least 4 weeks
after TT 1
At least 6 months
after TT 2
At least 1 year
after TT 3
At least 1 year
after TT 4
TT 3
TT 4
TT 5
Duration of
1-3 years
5 years
10 years
All child bearing

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