Sixth Grade Science - Beachwood City Schools

Sixth Grade Science
Mr. Robb Ristau
[email protected]
831-0355 ext. 204
6th Grade Science
 Units:
 Rocks and Minerals
 Cells
 Matter and Motion
• Science Binder:
• Most important resource for homework
and test preparation
• Organization of notes is taught through
binder and therefore is collected for
• Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
 Differentiated Instruction
 Building a foundation
 No Science OAA in 6th grade
 6th-8th grade program – content learned in 6th
grade will be on 8th grade science OAA
 Recognizing science in everyday life
Homework and
 All homework assignments will be
posted on Blackboard
Most notes and handouts will also be
Great place to check if absent
Late Homework Policy: 1st Quarter – 89%
After 1st Quarter 70%
Grades will be updated on Infinite Campus
each Friday

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