OnBase Infoshare

OnBase Infoshare
• What is OnBase?
• OnBase at IU – Past, Present and Future
• IU’s Electronic Document Management Strategy
• Example use cases
• New Products
• Demo
• What should you do if you are interested in OnBase?
• Questions?
What is OnBase?
What is OnBase?
Enterprise Content
Management System
The Past, Present & Future
~ 1999 - 2012
• 1999 Physical Plant began
using OnBase for basic
storage and retrieval
• 40 + Additional departments
added from 1999 to 2012
• Development and
maintenance within VPAD
• Departments pay fair share of
maintenance costs
2012 - 2014
• 2012 – Ownership OnBase
moved to UITS. Centrally
managed and maintained.
• Enterprise license agreement
signed – No more fair share
• EDM Strategy defined by
Council of Enterprise
2014 - Beyond
• Adding staff to accommodate
increased demand.
• Making development tools
available to departments
• Developing training through
UITS IT Training.
• Adding additional products
What is our EDM Strategy?
“OnBase is the Enterprise EDM solution and is the official records
repository for all institutional documents1”
“Sharepoint (with KnowledgeLake and Nintex extensions) is a
complimentary solution to support non-institutional documents and
workflows by departments with an investment and expertise in
What is our EDM Strategy?
“UITS fully supports OnBase and has expertise and investment in
managing it. We recommend use of OnBase for all groups starting to
use document management tools and who wish UITS support and
assistance in doing so”
“UITS recommends that SharePoint/KnowledgeLake be used only by
entities already using it or who have prior experience and adequate
expertise in managing a secure SharePoint environment and who
understand that UITS does not provide significant end user support for
SharePoint and/or KnowledgeLake”
Undergraduate Admissions
• Used by all IU campuses for processing Undergraduate Admissions
• Live July 2014
• Scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
• Data collection forms built within OnBase
• Extensive use of workflow
• Leverages real time integration between OnBase and PeopleSoft
• Pulls related student data based on student id
• Pushes decision and transcript information
• Allows PeopleSoft users to see supporting documents in OnBase
Travel Receipts
New Products
• MS Office Integration
• Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Mobile / iPad
• iOS, Android, Windows
• Multifunction Device (MFD) integration
• Premium Training Subscription
• Autonomy Full Text Search
What do I do next?
• Think about what business problem you want to solve
Scanning, storage and retrieval
Document workflow / approval
Forms / Data Collection
Integration with other systems
• Review OnBase premium training offerings (https://kb.iu.edu/d/beyn)
• Attend IU OnBase Training (once available)
• Send an email to [email protected]
• Be patient as we work out the kinks and address the growing demand
Contact Information
OnBase Team – [email protected]
Aaron Neal – [email protected]
Kevin Eder – [email protected]
Lisa Leedy – [email protected]

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