MTB-MLE in Timor-Leste: challenges and solutions

MTB-MLE in Timor-Leste:
challenges and solutions
Presenter: Francisca Soares
National Coordinator of MTB-MLE Pilot Project
• Language is one of the problems that is
encountering in the education system in
• A Pilot project for the Mother Tongue BasedMultilingual Education (MTB-MLE) was
developed in order to solve language problem.
• Learning goals
• Linguistic goals
• Socio economic goals
To build on what learners know.
To facilitate beginning literacy.
To support learners’ identity formation.
To make learning relevant and enjoyable.
To promote learner-centered methodologies.
Some challenges
• Low level of teachers’ education qualification.
• Infrastructure
• Government of Timor-Leste has to set teacher
career regime adequately and place sufficient
budgets to build schools.
• If these problem addressed by the TimorLeste’s government, it is expected that the
quality of education in multilingual context of
Timor-Leste can be improved.

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