Datatel Potpourri
Lisa Koretoff, Guilford Technical Community College
Joey Trogdon, Randolph Community College
• Reconciliation – Financial Aid and Finance/Business office
share this responsibility. Important to keep up with this for
EAGLE, federal and state deadlines for reporting, audits, and
federal program reviews.
• Excellent Q&A on Pell reconciliation:
• Fed presentation on Reconciliation basics:
• Be sure to clean up stale-dated checks within 240 days of
disbursement. Unclaimed funds cannot be escheated to the
State and must be returned to the source.
• How do you know you have a problem? Use your
reconciliation aids in Datatel
• SCHMONOP text file on FAIM – Unidentified Text Files
• Reconciliation aids in Datatel
• PCRR – Pell COD Reject Report
Look at once a week at a minimum and resolve errors
• DCRR – Direct Loan COD Reject Report
Look at once a week at a minimum and resolve errors
• Compare totals once a week to stay on top of it!
• Need to balance: FMGT report, G/L report if yearspecific (LGLA), and COD/CFNC.
Pell Errors
Pell Errors
Pell Errors
• Use FCDC to correct ISIR ID information errors
(error code 011) instead of submitting manually on COD
Pell Errors
• PCRR – Error code 014 errors (citizenship errors) are usually
due to the FMSI screen not being filled in. FMSI does NOT get
filled in automatically so once you have confirmed the
student’s correct citizenship status, go to FMSI to update.
Citizen = 1
Eligible Non-citizen = 2
Pell Errors
• Error 996 Invalid Value and 25 Duplicate Match on CPS can be
tricky! It’s usually one of the following:
• The demographic information has invalid values. Go to COD and
pull up the demographic information. This information comes from
the FAFSA. If the student forgot to list their zip code or put in an
invalid address, this will cause an Error 996. Update the
demographic information on COD.
• The student submitted one or more FAFSAs using the same SSN but
different names. Fix this under “Batch” on the COD website. Enter
the SSN at the bottom and pull up the student’s rejected record.
Click on “rejected” which will take to detailed information on the
record that was submitted by our college. On the Response screen,
there will be a choice between two or more FASFA matches. Pick
the correct one.
COD Figures
Electronic Statement of Accounts
POP Reports
POP reports - Run MRLR
MRLR Report
• MRLR report
Multiple Reporting Records
Review the MRR - Multiple Reporting Record report and adjust aid as necessary
On the report, there are Record Types that will be helpful to determining whether these are
issues with concurrent enrollment (cannot receive Pell at two or more institutions for the
same time period) and/or if there is a POP (exceeds 100% of the student’s annual Pell
entitlement between two or more institutions) that must be resolved. The codes in RED below
indicate potential POPs and these must be resolved quickly to prevent overpayments!
• Record Type - The code that indicates why we are receiving the MRR. The following are
valid codes:
•RO – Originated Institution
•RD – Disbursed Institution
•RN – None Found
•CE – Concurrent Enrollment Institution
•PB – Blocked Institution
•PR – Blocker Institution
•PU – Unblocked Institution
•BC – Blocked and Concurrent Enrollment
•RC – Blocker and Concurrent Enrollment
• Using Datatel’s PLEU report
• Why is the PLEU report helpful?
You cannot rely on NSLDS data alone!
NSLDS data only includes Pell figures back to the
mid-1990’s. COD is the official record of PLEU
data, but it’s NSLDS data, not COD, that shows up
on the ISIR results.
• If you are catching comment code 346 (over 500%) students
during packaging, the PLEU report isn’t particularly helpful.
• However, once you have sent disbursement data to the Feds
(CODE), the response files from COD populate the COD
column on the PLEU report. Then, you can catch any
differences between NSLDS and COD data.
• Good idea to run the PLEU report after each disbursement,
after the response files have come back . Review the report
BEFORE checks are mailed!
PLEU Report
Look for differences in the “Awarded” and “COD YTD Disb Amt” figures. I will
check them if the student is at or near 600% and these figures do not match.
New R2T4 Letter
• Are you using the ROFC screen to calculate
• If you have been reluctant due to issues
with the correct amount of tuition and
fees being used, check your setup on
DRAC. You may need to work with your
business office.
New R2T4 Letter
• If you are using ROFC, then you can use the new, delivered
R2T4 letter.
• To setup/modify, go to DOC and open FADR2TRT.
• FADR2TRT was delivered with 3 paragraphs but no
LTREQ.CUSTOM in File Setup
New R2T4 Letter
• But, you may want to skip fixing that
anyway because the paragraphs will
merge into Word and need to be
• There is another way! Copy/paste the
paragraphs into Word directly.
New R2T4 Letter
Geoffrey R. Abbott
XXX Hunt Rd
Pleasant Garden NC 27313
Dear Geoffrey,
Our records show that you have withdrawn from all of your classes, or
stopped attending all of the classes you were scheduled to attend.
Federal and state regulations require the college to perform
calculations for a student that withdraws from all of their classes,
or stops attending all the classes scheduled to attend, during a
term. These calculations determine the amount of federal and/or
state aid the student has actually earned for a given semester, and
indicates what portion of aid must be returned by both the college
and the student to federal and/or state aid programs.
Date your status changed:
Amount of tuition/fees you owe to YOUR SCHOOL:
Amount of federal aid overpayment you owe:
Percentage of financial aid earned: 71.70
Amount of financial aid earned:
Failure to remit the amount of tuition/fees due to YOUR SCHOOL will
result in a hold being placed on your record. You will not be able
to register, obtain your grades, graduate, or obtain a copy of your
official academic transcript until this is paid. Failure to respond
to this letter will result in the referral to the Debt Set-Off
Program for garnishment of your North Carolina State income tax
refund. Should it become necessary for YOUR SCHOOL to refer this
unpaid balance to a collection agency, you, the student, will be
Financial Aid Office
Questions or Comments?
Lisa Koretoff [email protected]
Joey Trogdon [email protected]

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