The International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate at
South Wolds
The Diploma Programme Model
Group 1 - English and World Literature
Group 2 – a Foreign Language
Group 3 – History or Geography
Group 4 – Biology or Chemistry
Group 5 - Mathematics or Mathematical Studies
Group 6 – Music or Visual Arts
All students then complete the following:
Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS).
In addition to the timetabled subjects IB
Diploma students will be expected to carry
out the following …
• approximately three hours of
Creativity, Action and Service per week,
150 hours over the two years
•to study an exciting course
entitled the
Theory of Knowledge
• An independent study of
approximately forty hours to write an
Extended Essay on a topic of their
Time allocation
• Four hours per week for Higher Level subjects
• Three hours per week for Standard Level
• One hour per week for the Theory of Knowledge
Grand total of 22 periods per week out of a possible 25!
A level students - 5 hours per week per AS plus 1 hour
enrichment = 21. Not much difference!
Support Systems – for the
extended essay
• How to do research from multiple sources –
sessions in South Wolds LRC and in Nottingham
University Library
• Supervisor – from the chosen subject area will
be available for discussion and to set regular
• Summer term – week off-timetable for
completion of first draft
Support systems - general
• IB Coordinator – role to give guidance and
find out answers to questions from
students, parents and subject teachers
• Sixth Form tutor – will monitor progress
and pass on concerns to the Coordinator
• Head of Sixth Form - will be kept informed
of all that is going on
• 22 timetabled hours
• CAS – approximately 3 hours per week,
150 hours in total over the two years
• Homework – recommended 15 hours per
• EE – approximately 40 hours of
independent study in year one of the
• Exams in each of the six subjects at the
end of the two years (May of year 13)
• Coursework in each of the six subjects,
assessed by the subject teacher
• ToK - an essay of 1,200-1,500 words plus
a 10 minute class presentation
• A log-book showing 150 hours of CAS with
student evaluation
UCAS and the IB
• Maximum point score is 45 points, i.e. 7 points
from each of the six subjects plus 3 for the
Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay
• 24 points is a pass so university offers start
here. Most common offers are 30 to 36 points
with the stipulation of a 6 or a 7 in certain
subjects where appropriate
• From 2008 universities may use the new UCAS
tariff which says that 24 IB points = 280 UCAS
points up to 768 for 45 points. Wow!
Comparison of IB and A level
24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40
280 326
Majority of offers made
698 768
Top 5%
A level
320 360
Qualities needed
• Determination to succeed
• Time-management and personal-organisation
• An interest in the world around us and a desire
to know more
• A keenness to develop a strong sense of one’s
own identity and culture alongside developing
the ability to communicate with, and understand
people from other countries and cultures

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