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Complete your bachelor/masters degree in 5 years!*
What is an accelerated Program?
Work on completion of your bachelor’s and master’s
degree simultaneously
In what areas:
 Applied Criminology (MS)
 Master of Forestry (MF)
 Applied Geospatial Sciences (MS)
 Master of Engineering (MEng)
 Engineering (MSE)
 Psychology (MA)
Complete your bachelor’s and master’s degree in
an accelerated manner.
 *possibility
of finishing both in 5 years. Check with
program regarding your progression.
Financial Aid/Scholarships
 For
financial aid and tuition purposes, students will be
considered undergraduates until they complete their
undergraduate requirements, which should be no later
than the end of the fourth year.
Benefits of Accelerated Programs
Increased competitiveness in the job market
Salary potential increases
Increased breadth of knowledge
Enhanced research and analytical skills
Save a year in school (savings in tuition and living
Some programs allow up to 6 hours of upper division
undergraduate coursework to count for your graduate
coursework (Speak with your advisor)
Hit the ground running
Getting into a doctoral program, even those that accept
entry directly from a bachelor’s increase as you have
proven success in graduate education
Earning Potential of
Graduate Education
Lifetime Earnings
High School - $1.00M
Bachelors – $1.66M
Masters – $1.97M
Doctoral - $2.58M
What are the requirements?
60 semester hours of undergraduate coursework (enrolled
hours count)
24 – 30 hours must have been completed at NAU
 Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25/4.0
12 undergraduate hours in your major
 Major GPA of 3.5/4.0
Some programs may have requirements above and beyond
the minimum listed. Speak with the Graduate
Coordinator/Department Rep. in your area of interest.
Okay…How do I apply?
Follow the requirements at and on the previous slide
Apply online to the Graduate College at
Follow all online application instructions and pay the app fee
Speak with your Undergraduate Advisor and Graduate Coordinator
After completing all bachelor's requirements, students must complete
the graduation paperwork and have their degree posted. Once the
degree is posted, they will be granted full graduate status and
become eligible for graduate assistantships and other graduate
financial awards.
Graduate Coordinators/Dept Reps
Forestry – Karen Blalock
[email protected]
Criminology – Michael Costelloe
[email protected]
Engineering – Dieter Otte
[email protected]
Psychology – Sumner Sydeman
[email protected]
Geography, Planning and Recreation – Alan Lew
[email protected]
A top
program like
else in the
Master of Forestry Program (MF)
33-hour, non-thesis program
You can use 6 credits from Semester C or D towards
your MF degree as well as other graduate level
courses taken during your senior year
Capstone course that results in a professional paper
Designed for students looking for advanced training
in Forestry, but not a research focus
Peace Corps Masters International
(PCMI) Program
Allows students to incorporate Peace Corps Service
with their Master’s degree
You will receive graduate credit for your Peace
Corps service
Includes three months of language, culture and
technical training along with your two-year Peace
Corps in-country experience
Must apply to the Peace Corps at the same time
you apply for Graduate School
Admissions Requirements for the School
of Forestry
Follow Graduate College recommendations of:
 60
credit hours of undergraduate coursework with a
3.25 GPA
 12 hours of Forestry classes with a 3.5 Major GPA
Forestry Requirements
scores in the 40th percentile
 You must meet or exceed all admissions criteria to be
accepted in the Accelerated Program
 Identify a faculty member to serve as your advisor
How do I get started?
Find a faculty member with similar background and
topic interests
Talk to that faculty member about being your
graduate advisor
Start preparing for the GRE
Prepare to submit your application for graduate
school by March 15th for Fall admission and
October 15th for Spring admission
Application Instructions
Complete the online
application through the
Graduate College
Arrange to have your
GRE Scores submitted
to NAU
Submit a resume and
personal statement
Submit three letters of
Want more Information?
Rich Hofstetter
Graduate Coordinator
Karen Blalock
Administrative Associate
[email protected]
Room 208 of the
Forestry Building
[email protected]
Room122 of the
Forestry Building
You can also find more information on our website at
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Masters of Science in Applied Criminology
36 Credit Hour Program
30 hours of course work
6 hours of capstone project
Substantive Areas
Transnational Crime and Justice
Communities and Justice
Law, Policy and Social Change
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Completed a minimum of 60 undergraduate credit hours, at
least 30 at NAU.
 12 credits in Criminology and Criminal Justice
CCJ 101, CCJ 250, CCJ 345W and one other CCJ course
Minimum 3.5 overall GPA and a 3.5 GPA in CCJ courses
 3 letters of Recommendation from NAU faculty, 2 of which
must come from CCJ faculty
 2-3 page personal statement
 Writing Sample
Sample Plan
Year One
CCJ 101 (req’d)
9 units other
Total = 12 units
Year Two
15 units other
Total = 15 units
Year Three
CCJ 355 (req’d)
12 units other
Total = 15 units
Year Four
3 units CCJ 605 (req’d)
3 units CCJ 606 (req’d)
3 units CCJ 400 level CCJ course
(would count toward meeting elective
requirements for the both BS and MS
CCJ 250 (req’d)
9 units other
Total = 15 units
Total = 9 units
CCJ 345W (req’d)
12 units other
Total = 15 units
Total = 9 Units
CCJ 450C (req’d)
12 units other
Total = 15 units
Total = 9 Units
Graduate with BS
Total = 9 units
3 units from CCJ 610 or
614 (req’d)
3 units from focus area
3 units from 400 Level CCJ course
(would count toward meeting elective
requirements for both BS and MS)
Total = 9 units
Year Five
3 Capstone units
3 units from focus area
3 units from electives
Total = 9 units
3 Capstone units
3 units from focus area
3 units from electives
Total = 9 units
Graduate with MS
An Accelerated Program
from BS to MS at NAU
Most Do!
Are you thinking about getting a
Graduate Degree?
What we offer …
A Fast Track program to get a Master of Science in
Engineering (MSE) degree
A streamlined curriculum, that allows you to transition
seamlessly from undergraduate to graduate status
without disconnect.
Six fewer credits - overall course load for the
graduate degree is reduced to 24 credits.
Ideally, you finish both degrees in about 5 years.
Ideally, you …
… are a sophomore, junior or senior who has
completed 60 credits, 24 credits of which were
taken at NAU with a GPA of 3.25.
… have completed 12 credits in your major at
NAU with a GPA of 3.5.
… are you already working with a professor.
What you need to do …
Talk to a professor in your program!
Apply online following the application button on the
grad college web site
Have your professor notify our Program Coordinator
Dieter Otte about your application
BS – MS Accelerated Program
M.S. Applied Geospatial Sciences
Department of Geography, Planning
& Recreation
College of Social & Behavioral Science
Northern Arizona University
M.S. Applied Geospatial Sciences
Three Areas of Concentration
Geospatial Technologies
Geographic Information Systems
Land and Resource Management
Community Planning and Recreation
City and Regional Planning
Recreation Resource Management
Custom Geography Emphasis
Human & Physical Geography
Physical Geography
Eligible NAU B.S. Degree Programs
1. B.S. Parks & Recreation Management
2. B.S. Geographic Science & Community Planning
3. Former Degree that are Still Eligible
- B.S. Geography
- B.S. Geographic Information Systems
- B.S. Public Planning
M.S. AGS Faculty
& Subject Areas
Aaron Divine - Outdoor Recreation and Leadership
Pamela Foti - Outdoor Recreation, Recreation Resource Management
Ruihong 'Ray' Huang - GIS, Spatial Statistics, Transportation
R. Dawn Hawley - Land Use Policy, Urban Geography, GIS,
Environmental Perception
Alan A. Lew - Tourism Studies, Planning Law, Asia, Social Media
Mark Manone - GIS, Remote Sensing, Geomorphology, Science Education
Judith Montoya - Community Recreation, Inclusive Recreation
Thomas W. Paradis - Cultural & Historical Geography, Community
Development, Tourism, Studies Historic Preservation
Erik Schiefer - Watershed Geomorphology, Physical Limnology, GIS
R. Marieke Taney - Parks & Recreation Management,
Outdoor Education and Leadership
Additional BS-MS Information
Prof. Alan A. Lew – SBS West, Room 230
[email protected]
MA in Psychology
Master of Arts in Psychology
 Four
emphases (tracks)
 Pre-doctoral
general psychology
 Pre-doctoral clinical health psychology
 Clinical health psychology (non-thesis)
 Teaching of psychology (non-thesis)
36-43 Credit Hour Program
 depending
on emphasis (track)
MA in Psychology: Goal
To offer highly qualified NAU students the
challenge of graduate study in an accelerated
program (5 years: bachelor’s and master’s degrees)
 Students
generally will carry a full-load of graduate
coursework in the fall semester of their fourth year
 Six graduate credits count toward both
undergraduate and graduate degrees
 Completion of program in five years will require
some summer/winter session courses to be taken
To apply to our 3+2 Psychology program:
Students are required to apply at the end of their FOURTH semester of
45-90 credits must be completed including PSY 101, PSY 230, and
PSY 302W
A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 and 3.5 GPA for courses in
Psychology is required
Three letters of recommendation from NAU faculty are required with
at least two from faculty members in the Department of Psychology
Students applying to the program must have a written agreement by a
faculty member from the Psychology Department to serve as the
student’s mentor. For example, the application requires a nomination by
a Psychology Department faculty member who will agree to serve as
the student’s master’s thesis advisor.
Additionally, in order to apply:
The application process is otherwise equivalent to that
used for admission to the standard graduate program in
Psychology (e.g., students submit an application including
a curriculum vitae, Professional Statement)
1) The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is NOT required
2) The application deadline for the 3+2 program is MAY 1ST
 3)
Students applying to the program must have a written
agreement by a faculty member from the Psychology
Department to serve as the student’s mentor. For example,
the application requires a nomination by a Psychology
Department faculty member who will agree to serve as the
student’s master’s thesis advisor.
Want more Information?
Sumner Sydeman, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator
Janina Burton
Administrative Associate
[email protected] [email protected]
You can also find more information on our website at
BSED CTE (90/30) to Med CTE
Masters of Education in Career and
Technical Education
30 Credit Hour Program
Core CTE classes (12 units): History and Philosophy in CTE, School
and Community Relations, Instructional Management, and Research
in CTE
 Educational Foundations (3 units)
 Concentration (15 units): CTE courses or approved
interdisciplinary courses within the College of Education - students
can customize to meet individual career goals. Choose from
classes such as Grant Writing, Adult Education, Curriculum
Development, Facilities Design, Special Populations, Multimedia
Development, and more!
Two options
Oral Exam
 Thesis (requires 6 hours of concentration in CTE699 Thesis)
What we offer
6 hours of the BSED coursework can be used in the
concentration of the MED program of study
 Any
CTE prefix 500-level course
 CTE431 and CTE486
A transfer student with 90 completed hours can
complete the BSED and the MED in 2 years!
 First
year 12 courses as undergraduate student (4
courses count toward MEd)
 Second year 8 courses as graduate student
Career and Technical Education
Requirements for transfer students
 Be
admitted to the BSED CTE degree
 Overall cumulative transfer GPA of 3.25
 Overall GPA in transferred major courses of 3.5
If students do not meet GPA requirements
 60
hours completed towards the degree
 24 hours completed at NAU with 3.25 GPA
 At least 12 hours completed at NAU in the major with
3.5 GPA

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