Trademark Licensing

Trademark Licensing
Brand Day
September 19, 2013
Tami Breymeyer
General Responsibilities
Building relationships with licensees
Building relationships with retailers
Coordination with licensing agency
Education about our brand, internal and external
Artwork approvals
Product Research
Licensing Resource Group
Contract Management
Brand Development
Royalty Management (royalty rate 10% of
• Enforcement, legal notices
The Licensing Process
Applying for a License
Complete the Application
Provide a Marketing Plan
Provide a Quality Sample
Remit the Application Fee (non
All is sent to LRG
The Licensing Process
Once approved for license, receive licensing
• Sign and return the License Agreement
• Remit payment for fees and advances as
• Submit a certificate of product liability insurance
(minimum $1,000,000)
• Submit Fair Labor Association (FLA) certificate
• Submit company tag or label for products (neck
label, hang tag or byline)
The Licensing Process
Maintaining a License
• Maintain product liability insurance
• Always obtain artwork approval before
• Report royalties; quarterly and on time
• Contracts renew annually
• Must use CLP label to identify product as
officially licensed
Practices to Avoid
Practices to Avoid
What you CAN do
Example: Practices to Avoid
Example: Using the Brand
Example: Practices to Avoid
Example: Using the brand
Example: Practices to Avoid
Example: Using the brand
Example: Practices to Avoid
Example: Using the brand
Example: Practices to Avoid
Example: Using the brand
Trademark Licensing Resources
Some licensees
for t-shirts/promotional items
*those in attendance
Ballard’s Sporting Goods
Custom Specialties*
DK Specialties
G&G Mfg.
GTM Sportswear*
Herff Jones dba LogoArt
Jeffrey H. Lewis dba Insight
Luttrel Investments dba Image One
MC Industries dba Sunflower
MF Ventures dba Create My Tee
N Zones Sportswear*
Scoby Brothers
Sigler Companies
Synergy Imports
TGI Enterprises, Inc.
Vernon Company
Walson Ink
Western Associates
Wincraft, Inc.*
Z Promotions
Trademark Licensing Resources
• Graphic Standards Guide
• Licensees
• Color
– What color is K-State purple exactly?
PMS 268 purple
– Other color options are black, white, and silver/grey
• Contact
Tami Breymeyer, Director of Licensing
[email protected]
Trademark Licensing

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